28 JAN 2022

Meet The Sailor Nyan



In a world where cats are fused with treats and the ever-present threat of being consumed hangs over their heads, a trio of kitties has risen to become the litterbox’s premiere team of champions.

Sailor Nyan, Nyan Kashi by Nyammy Treats

Protecting the Nyan Kashi by moonlight and spreading love by daylight, they’re the Sailor Nyan! Working together to protect the genki Nyan Kashi family from trouble and threats, they wield the powers of the elements. They’ve saved the Nyan Kashi from the worst threats they’ve ever faced, from human gullets to trash bins and hungry animals, to the most dreadful of them all, mischievous children. And every time, they have overcome the odds and saved the Nyan Kashi.

Nyan Peito, Nyan Kashi by Nyammy Treats

Nyan Peito

The first Sailor Nyan to appear and quite literally a guiding light to all, Nyan Peito is the ultimate symbol of goodness and hope. Wielding light as her power, she shines the way out of trouble and leads the Sailor Nyan into battle. Blinding enemies with strong beams of light, she buys time for the Nyan Kashi to make their escape.

When danger’s gone and peace is restored, Nyan Peito uses her colorful konpeito to create a symphony of lights that bring joy to the Nyan Kashi as they happily gobble down even more okashi. With a natural instinct to do good, Nyan Peito remedies any disagreements within the group with great compassion and isn’t afraid to throw herself into the thick of the fray for any of her family. It is little wonder that the Nyan Kashi look up to her as the gold standard of care and heroism.

Hana Mizu Nyan-chi

Hana Mizu Nyan-chi

Mizu Nyan-chi was sailing down a stream when a grotty possum came chasing him, sending massive waves his way. Sensing danger, Nyan Peito came to the rescue with a blinding wall of light that sent the possum scurrying the other way. Unbeknownst to Nyan Peito, this wall of light caused a magical reaction with the water and gave Mizu Nyan-chi secret abilities.

By day he was Mizu Nyan-chi and by night he became Hana Mizu Nyan-chi! Wielding the power of water, he is proficient in hydrokinesis, creating torrents of water to drive danger away or to create beguiling water shows for the Nyan Kashi. No one yet knows what the flower within him does, Hana Mizu Nyan-chi continues to learn about his abilities under the tutelage of Nyan Peito, maybe one day he’ll unlock a power move with the flower.

Hanami Nyan-go, Nyan Kashi by Nyammy Treats

Hanami Nyan-go

Like a thunderstorm on a stick! Nyan-go might be the youngest of the Nyan Kashi but they very quickly discovered their powers. Turning to Nyan Peito for guidance, they’ve been trained to work together as Hanami Nyan-go, combining their powers for maximum effect.

In their Sailor Nyan form, they take different colors. Each Nyan-go has a different powerset, green wields the power of thunder, pink wields fire, and white wields wind and together they create effective thunderstorm-like effects that scare away threats. Being as young as they are, things don’t always go according to plan. Torn between wanting to enjoy the freedoms of youth and their need to fight back against threats, Hanami Nyan-go struggles to find a balance between youth and responsibility. Luckily for them, Nyan Peito is around to guide and nurture.

Nyan Kashi by Nyammy Treats

Wanna get hold of the Sailor Nyan? Try your luck when you order the Nyan Kashi, a genki family of kitties who became what they last ate. The Sailor Nyan aren’t easy to come by, however. Sightings are rare, some might even say ultra-rare!

You might not know you’ve crossed paths with one, as they choose to hide in the shadows and striking only when absolutely necessary. Rumor has it that the chances of getting Hana Mizu Nyan-chi and Hanami Nyan-go is only 1/24, and catching Nyan-peito is only a 1/48 chance!

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Nyan Kashi by Nyammy Treats

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Nyan Kashi by Nyammy Treats

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