23 FEB 2022

Meet The Powerful XXRAY Plus: Daybreaker



You love the Mighty Jaxx My Little Pony collection of figurines and we’re so excited to bring you more. This weekend, the turn to the dark side continues with XXRAY Plus treatment of the corrupted Princess Celestia - Daybreaker!

XXRAY Plus: Daybreaker

Better, Prettier, And More Powerful

Daybreaker is the evil alter-ego of Princess Celestia, the same as Nightmare Moon being the evil alter-ego of Princess Luna. Daybreaker is incredibly vain and declares herself to be the “better, prettier and more powerful” version of Celestia.

She appeared in season 7 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, where she goads Celestia to the dark side and battles Nightmare Moon. Check out the sheer intensity of Daybreaker’s abilities in the clip below, but skip the clip if you wanna avoid spoilers!

XXRAY Plus: Daybreaker

Could this be the definitive Daybreaker collectible? We’d say so! The XXRAY Plus: Daybreaker is captured in perfect detail. Her semi-translucent orange mane flows with glitter and mimics the intensity of a raging fire billowing in the wind. Metallic detailing adorns the XXRAY Plus: Daybreaker, who is depicted with a malevolent glare and evil grin.

Details, Details, Details

The XXRAY Plus: Daybreaker is dissected by Jason Freeny, who is widely known for his intricate dissection treatment of our favorite characters. Take a closer look at her dissection and the immaculate detailing that adorns this incredible Daybreaker figurine.

XXRAY Plus: Daybreaker XXRAY Plus: Daybreaker XXRAY Plus: Daybreaker

Eagle-eyed fans will notice that much like the XXRAY Plus: Nightmare Moon, in place of her heart, sits Daybreaker’s cutie mark.

A Power Pair

Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon sure make for a must-have pair! Missed out on the XXRAY Plus: Nightmare Moon last year? Fret not! We’ve brought Nightmare Moon back in extremely limited quantities. Don't miss on your chance to complete your collection of villainous My Little Pony alter-egos.

XXRAY Plus: Daybreaker

Coming Soon On February 26, Set Your Reminders Now

My Little Pony fans, the wait for Daybreaker is almost over! The XXRAY Plus: Daybreaker launches on 26 Feb, 9 am ET. Are you ready for the XXRAY Plus: Daybreaker to takeover your My Little Pony collections? Set your reminders here so you don’t miss out!

XXRAY Plus: Daybreaker Release Banner

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XXRAY Plus: Daybreaker

My Little Pony

XXRAY Plus: Daybreaker

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