3 JUN 2020

Meet The Nyansum Kittens!



How could you not love cats and food! We have been cooking up something really special and are finally ready to show it to the world.

Introducing Nyammy Treats! “Nyan” is the Japanese way of saying “Meow”! Catwalk into the world of Nyammy Treats and befriend adorable kitties fused with your favorite treats!

Nyan Sum is a quirky family of kitties who became what they last ate. With their nyan-dying love for Dim Sum, the Nyan Sum kitties continue their daily misadventures and mischieves as yummy Dim Sum dishes! Living in a small Dim Sum shop, they have one thing in common – they don’t want to get eaten!

Let's meet the adorable Nyan Sum kittens!


As the oldest cousin, Char Siu Meow is constantly anxious since his brush with death. “Don’t hop into the soup!” “Watch out for the birds!” Char Siu Meow can be a little naggy, but he just wants his family to be safe. Sometimes, when the little ones get out of hand, he gets so nervous that he changes color...

When the anxiety and nervousness overwhelms, and the pressure is too much to take, Char Siu Meow changes colour and also flavours! He takes on a purple hue and his fillings change to a thick and chunky taro paste.

Po Lo Meow was a big cat, and now he’s a big bun. Despite his formidable size, Po Lo Meow is super sweet; He’s a big softy! Sometimes, he gets laughed at for having a high-pitched laugh, and he would get so embarrassed that he covers his face with Butter Buddy, a friendly butter that hangs out on Po Lo Meow’s back.

Everyone has an over-achieving cousin. Xiao Long Meow is that cousin. This high-flyer looks up to few, despite his small stature. Eat quietly around him, or be treated to his eye-rolling. It is rumored that Xiao Long Meow walks slowly because running makes him jiggle, and jiggling is not classy.

A meow of very few words, one can never truly tell what Har Meow is thinking. With her eyes constantly wide-open, Har Meow is an enigma that intrigues (or creeps out) everyone around her.

She loves to chill in the fridge for reasons unknown, which makes her sparkle! It is unlikely that she does it for beauty, as she is quite oblivious to her own good looks.

#Glamorous is the way of Meow Tow! From the most sparkly sparkles from Meowphora to the latest selfie ca-meow-ra filter, Meow Tow doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to what’s in trend, and only the best-looking cats are allowed in her clique. She will never be caught dead looking ugly in photos. Tested and proven!

Despite being a little lazy, a little forgetful and a lot greedy, Liu Sha Meow is loads of fun to be around! He’s sleeping most of the time, but when he’s awake, his sassy and comical demeanor amuses everyone, making him one of the most popular cats!


See more of the Nyan Sum kittens and keep up with their fun adventures over on Instagram @nyammytreats

 Be sure to keep a lookout for some Nyan Sum related news coming your way this month *wink*

Nyan Sum by Nyammy Treats

Nyammy Treats

Nyan Sum by Nyammy Treats

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