17 MAR 2022

Meet The First-ever Dissected BROWN from LINE Friends



Meet BROWN from the LINE FRIENDS! BROWN might seem like an expressionless bear but he has a big heart and a shoulder you can lean on. Ever reliable, BROWN is always there for all his friends.

Traveling to New York, BROWN met Jason Freeny for the first time. The inquisitive bear poked around Freeny’s studio and curiosity got the better of him - he stepped into a peculiar-looking machine! The dissection machine made a cacophony of noise and colors, then out came BROWN in a cool new look that he absolutely loves. He can’t wait to show it off to the other LINE FRIENDS, especially Cony who is surely going to swoon!

XXRAY Plus: Brown

For the first time, the adorable BROWN gets the XXRAY Plus treatment by Jason Freeny. Dissected to reveal BROWN's anatomy, see all the intricate details that lie within him - even dissected BROWN still looks exceptionally cute. 

XXRAY Plus Brown XXRAY Plus Brown XXRAY Plus Brown

An endless friendship awaits with the XXRAY Plus: BROWN, available from 30 March, 10 am SGT. You’ll definitely want to be one of the few to own the first-ever dissected BROWN, be sure to set your reminders here so you don’t miss out!

XXRAY Plus Brown

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