20 MAR 2021

Meet... Nubbies: Sesame Street




Doesn't that name sound so, so adorable already? We are super excited to be launching a brand new series of 2" vinyl figures called Nubbies, coming real soon on 24th March. In spite of their small stature, these little collectibles are more than what they seem! Being the first collectible series that provides a phygital play experience, we are proud to be working with Sesame Workshop once again to bring a new dimension to the Sesame Street characters that you already love! Before we dive into the digital aspect of this series, let's take a look at what's interesting about the figures themselves!

The design of the characters in the Nubbies series is cute and easy to love, no matter your age. With a more consistent silhouette and pose, each figure is about 2" tall with slight variations. There are 7 characters in this series, namely Abby, Big Bird, Bert, Ernie, Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Count Von Count. There are also 2 Rare colorways, being Glitter Bert and Glitter Ernie. There is also 1 Ultra Rare colorway, which is Super Elmo! As a blindbox, characters are randomised, but the chance of collecting Rare and Ultra Rare pieces is much higher in a tray!

However, their adorable big eyes and teeny little limbs are just the beginning of the appeal of Nubbies: Sesame Street!

count von count and abby from Nubbies: sesame street

Many of us grew up with Sesame Street being an integral part of our childhood, learning from and with every lovable character and having so much fun at the same time. Sesame Street continues to be the go-to children programme, delivering wholesome content in different fun and enriching ways. So with Nubbies: Sesame Street, we explore a brand new way of interacting and learning with Sesame Street characters beyond the physical aspects of the figures, extending the experience of play into the digital realm!

nubbies sesame street scan and play

What's really special about the Nubbies: Sesame Street series is that these little figures are digitally-enabled to unlock interactive digital features. By scanning the embedded NFC chip and authenticating each Nubbies via the Mighty Jaxx app, you will unlock its respective digital counterpart in-app. This allows you to gain access to certain cool interactions with your favorite Sesame Street characters!


Working very closely with Sesame Workshop, we crafted activities that are in line with the philosophies of Sesame Street. You will be able to feed healthy foods to the digital Sesame Street characters, read to them, and if you have more than 1 character unlocked, you will even be able to invite them to one another's rooms! All these are designed to convey the message of being stronger, smarter, and kinder. 

On top of that, you can also interact with the characters to earn coins, which levels up your characters to win periodic, rare physical rewards! Keep a look out on our Instagram and YouTube for upcoming unboxing videos and more!

Excited already? Oh yeah! Nubbies: Sesame Street launches Wednesday, 24 March, 9pm SGT on www.mightyjaxx.rocks. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to take a closer look at the Nubbies: Sesame Street figures and game play!