1 JUN 2018

MAMAFAKA – The Legacy



You may already be familiar with the work of the late MAMAFAKA, the thai designer and street artist best known as the creator of the iconic MR. HELLYEAH. In 2014, we had brought to life the iconic MR. HELLYEAH in the form of a vinyl toy, and this year, we’re back for more! Before we dive into details of what's brewin', lets take some time to revisit the life of the Thai artist and celebrate the impact that he had created on the creative scene.

MAMAFAKA wall graffiti image by Krashkraft

Image by Krashkraft

Born Pharuephon ‘’Tum’’ Mukdasanit (13 September 1978 - 9 September 2013), MAMAFAKA had set his mind on pursuing design from a young age, being influenced by magazines as a child growing up. His decision to follow his passion and pursue graphic design at university marked the beginning of a successful career both as a designer and artist.

While he enjoyed an award winning career working at some of the biggest advertising agencies, eventually he left to focus on developing his own style and approach towards design and illustration. That decision proved to be the right one, as soon after came the inspiration and creation of his signature character, MR. HELLYEAH, which was a hit with his followers worldwide. Spurred by its popularity, he decided to create his own line of products that featuring this hairy and mysterious one-eyed mustachioed character.

In October 2012, MAMAFAKA held his first mini solo exhibition at Mellow Thonglor, showcasing his intricate and curious illustrations. Most of these illustrations were inspired by familiar cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Garfield etc, but stylised in MAMAFAKA's signature furry cyclops form. Check out this short video of this exhibition with some cool behind-the-scenes footage. 

from Yanan on Vimeo.

The popularity of MR. HELLYEAH caught the eyes of many local and international brands, and soon his character began to appear in various forms across the urban culture landscape in Thailand, from apparel, toys, skateboards and even on the walls of buildings. His impact on urban culture was undisputed and up till today, many of his fans and followers still affectionately follow and collect his work in any way they can. 


MAMAFAKA wall graffiti blogpost image 2

Photo by po mo mo

On the unfortunate day of 7th September 2013, days before his birthday, MAMAFAKA had a surfing accident and after being rescued by a lifeguard, went into a deep coma. During this period, fans all over Thailand shared his works and posted messages on their social media platforms to support and acknowledge his critical condition. A social network ripple effect happened, with fans as well as people who did not know of his works starting to dig into his works in the spirit of wishing to awaken him for the coma. MAMAFAKA quietly passed away on Monday 9th September 2013.

People all across Thailand and other countries mourned his death, and artists in music, fashion and design all around the world produced dedicated pieces of artwork for his funeral. His works are still widely celebrated by street art lovers worldwide. He now has a gallery set, set up by his family, exhibition his many creations so that supporters can continue his legacy by showing their love and integrating his works into their lives. Visit their Facebook page here.

In April 2018, we brought along 200 pieces of Hell Yeah Sailor Rabbit (black) plushy to Thailand Toy Expo. All 200 pieces were sold out on the first day of the event! We were overwhelmed by the love and support from Thailand fans, towards MAMAFAKA and towards the arts in general.

Image by Mighty Jaxx

So, this week, we are especially excited to present Hell Yeah Sailor Rabbit (Rabby), a fluffy white version featuring the same iconic one-eyed face that everyone adores. Good news, you don't have to be at an event or queue up to buy this one, as it will be for pre-order online! Join us in celebrating the art of MAMAFAKA!

Image by Mighty Jaxx


Hell Yeah Sailor Rabbit (Rabby) by MAMAFAKA retails at $100 with free shipping, in a limited edition of 200 pcs. Pre-orders will take place this Saturday, 2 June (Friday, 1 June for VIPs), at 10AM EDT on www.mightyjaxx.com.