23 JUN 2021

Looking good, feline good! Feat. Droopy Cat by PoOL and more.



Droopy Cat

Adopting a cat is a big responsibility that should not be taken lightly. You’ve got to commit to and care for it for the rest of its life. Not too sure if you have the capacity to take on caring for a real cat yet? We’ve got you covered!

Introducing the Mighty collection of cats! These art toys (mostly) bring you the joys of owning a cat without the responsibilities that come with looking after a real pet. Here are 5 Mighty kitties for your collection.


It's Lonely At The Top by Bu2Ma

Who doesn’t love a chonky cat?! Meet Alexander, this chonky tiger climbed up a mountain but later found that he had trouble coming back down, so he put on his poker face to cover up his embarrassment. Read more about Alexander the fat tiger, and his little companion, here. Missed out on this adorable chonk? Click here to join the waitlist and we’ll let you know if any pieces become available!


Nyan Sum by Nyammy Treats

Ever had a dim sum so good that you get meow-blown? Combining our love of dim sum and cats, meet the adorable Nyan Sum kittens! A family of cats who became what they last ate. Each Nyan Sum is special, with personalities so varied you’ll never tire of them. The Nyan Sums are currently traveling around the world on the #NyammyTrail. Follow their adventure over on Instagram and order these blind box cat collectibles to join in on the fun. 

Keep tabs on our social media accounts, rumor has it that the Nyammy Treats family is growing real soon!



Cat! Ice cream! Cone! These ingredients were chosen to create the perfect dessert. With its soft smile, the adorable Meowlting slowly meowlts down its wafer cone. Available in an assortment of flavors, from the classic vanilla to a Catpuccino, and the elusive chocolate; beat the summer heat with Meowlting. There’s nothing quite as purrfect!


Toshi Neko: Graff

Toshi Neko is a clowder of creative cats designed by Singaporean illustrator Clogtwo. Having the distinction of being Mighty Jaxx’s first collaborator with the release of Hell Lotus, our partnership has grown to include many creative works such as these adorable cats. 

Meet Graff, the graffiti art expert of the group. With eyes as sharp as his, no blank wall goes unnoticed. Prowling the streets with his handy spray can, Graff wows with his graffiti skills. Adopt Graff today!


Meet the latest addition to the mighty collection of cats - Droopy Cat! Pink stripes, pink camo, and a whole lotta swagger, Droopy Cat brings you on a journey of whimsical droopy fun. Droopy Cat is full of trippy details, check them out below:

Droopy Cat Face

Crossed out eyes, and some zzz gives Droopy Cat his unmistakable baked look, it’s a face you can’t look away from! And with a grin as wide as his, it’s little wonder his long heavy tongue droops back as it does. Look closer, into his mouth! It’s his uvula perfectly sculpted and on show in its teardrop shape for all to admire.

Droopy Mouse Foot

With a slump so far back, Droopy Cat supports himself with his two front legs. But all that weight makes each step heavy and labored - guess the crossed-out eyes make sense now, he’s out of breath! You’d think he’d lose balance pretty easily, but with claws as sharp as his, he grips the ground with great force. Careful not to push his outie, he might claw at you!

Being the stylish cat he is, Droopy Cat has on pink camo pants to complement his pink stripes. Pink symbolizes youth and playfulness, everything Droopy Cat embodies! 

Droopy Cat tail

Droopy Cat wouldn’t be complete without some actual droops. Droopy Cat slowly drips from his tail as he leads the way, where do you think Droopy Cat is bringing you?

Designed by French artist PoOL, who pulls inspiration from movies, cartoons, and pop art to create these eccentric works, Droopy Cat wears all of PoOL’s inspirations on his sleeve. Learn more about PoOL and his journey to being an artist in our artist interview here.

Droopy Cat Release Banner

Your cat collecting game gets a droopy up on 26 June, 9 am EST for 24 hours only. Droopy Cat by PoOL is a 6” tall and 9” long vinyl cat collectible, available only on mightyjaxx.com.

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Droopy Cat


Droopy Cat

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Nyan Sum by Nyammy Treats

Nyammy Treats

Nyan Sum by Nyammy Treats

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