15 SEP 2020

Lil' Maxx x Transformers



On 16 September, our first platform toy launches with a Transformers collection! Lil' Maxx has been in the works for a long time, and now it is ready for a prime spot on your shelves.

You might have seen some posts on our Instagram of the blank Lil' Maxx silhouette, including a speed sketch of our little buddy, now its time to admire him in his first ever paint job!

Together with our friends at Hasbro, we've partnered to bring you an officially licensed Lil' Maxx x Transformers line-up! It's a big honour for us to be able to lend the Lil' Maxx form to the most iconic robots in the world, and we hope you love the collection as much as we do.

The Lil' Maxx x Transformers collection features 12 different figures across 3 different rarity tiers. In the first tier, with a 7/12 chance of getting these figures are Devastator, Arcee, Hot Rod, and Ravage.

In the second tier, with a 4/12 chance, is Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, and Starscream. We know most of you would probably aim for the figures in this middle tier, they are after all the most popular Transformers! But you won't want to miss the pieces in our third tier!

The figures in the third tier come with a 1/12 chance! Making them extremely rare, the tier consists of Grimlock, Soundwave, a special Megatron (Silver Chrome), and Electrum Optimus Prime. The latter two pieces are particularly eye catching with their finish!

Each Lil' Maxx figure stands approximately 3" tall and is made from a combination of ABS and PVC. The material makes your Lil' Maxx figure a hardy little toy, and keeping them clean is as simple as a wipe down with a damp cloth.

Unique to our Lil' Maxx figures are the little horns that adorn them. These little horns give the pieces a unique visual flair on top of their already appealing shape. Being a platform toy, every piece in the collection comes in the same form but their paintwork sets each one apart.

The detailed line and paint work capture the unique characteristics of each Transformer, ensuring that they're true to each character and distinct in their own way. Certain pieces come with little accessories, and you might even notice that Arcee comes with a different pair of hands.

If you order a tray of Lil' Maxx x Transformers, you get a special display tray to show off your collection! Each single box and tray comes with a unique iridescent finish, watch the material play with light in mesmerising ways!

Being a platform toy, the consistent shape and size of every piece makes for a really satisfying display. Just imagine how impressive all of them would look together on your shelf, take it up a notch with that gorgeous display tray and you instantly have an eye grabber.

Mark your calendars for 16 Sept 2020, 9am EST. We can't wait for you guys to bring Lil' Maxx home in its first ever collection, and we're extremely excited to have partnered with Transformers to bring him to life.

Being a blindbox, each single box purchase is random at $9.99 per piece. A tray of 12 can be had for $119.88, and you get that gorgeous display tray the collection comes in.

You definitely want to collect them all! Click HERE to order.
Lil' Maxx x Transformers


Lil' Maxx x Transformers

9.99 USD