9 NOV 2022

Know Your Sneaker Terms: MRBAILEY® by YARMS



Sneaker enthusiasts, this one’s for you—a legend in the scene, Daniel Bailey, is receiving an exclusive tribute collectible sculpted in the signature style of YARMS Studio! This releases ahead of an exciting collaboration between Mr. Bailey and Adidas Originals: The Ozlucent, a pair of conceptual sneakers inspired by moon jellyfish.

The YARMS collection pays homage to influential figures in different fields. By referencing their most iconic traits, characteristics, and contributions, each collectible is easily recognizable and distinctive. 

Three things immediately pop out for MRBAILEY® by YARMS—his black beanie, round glasses, and black beard. Together, they form part of Mr. Bailey’s signature style. 

Other details include swappable shoes, between his two Adidas Originals collaborations, his tattoo at the back of his head, as well as the translucent, one-of-a-kind shoe box in his hands—inspired by jellyfish. 

Like any well-established community, sneaker enthusiasts have developed their own language. As part of this sneaker-powered launch, we shed light on some of the more important terminologies.

COMPLIMENTS: Great sneakers deserve to be praised

Dope - Synonymous with cool. A generic compliment.

🔥 - Represents lit/fire sneakers that are highly desirable.

Fresh - New and cool shoes that look original.

🙌 - Celebrating your sneakers with you.

Slept on - Sneakers underappreciated by the wider community.

DESCRIPTORS: Understand every “sneaker report”

Deadstock - Old stock that is completely new in the box. 

Holy grail/Grails - A very rare, almost impossible-to-attain sneaker that is one’s most wanted.

Beaters - Every day wear sneakers that are meant to get dirtied/well-used.

OG’s - The earliest release of a silhouette, a colorway, or a reissue of that original sneaker.

Retro - A relaunch of a colorway that takes place post-launch.

Bred - Black and red, an iconic colorway that many popular sneakers have. 

ACTIONS: Interact with sneaker enthusiasts.

Cop - Want.

Drop - Don’t want.

Double up - Buy two (or more) of the same pair of sneakers.

WTB/WTS/WTT - Want to buy/Want to sell/Want to trade.

Flaking - Backing out of a sneaker deal after the terms have been agreed on.

It’s an exciting time for sneaker enthusiasts as innovators like Mr. Bailey continues to push boundaries and develop interesting, unusual, and inspired silhouettes! Be part of the future of sneakers with MRBAILEY® by YARMS.

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