2 JUN 2021

Immaculate Confection: Gummi Fetus



If you have been following Mighty Jaxx (or the designer toy world for that matter) for a while, you should be familiar with "Gummi Fetus". @Gummifetus is an artist name that Jason Freeny often use, and it's also his Instagram handle. Fascinated by medical processes and anatomy, Jason's widely for his dissection treatment of all-time-favorite IPs like Sesame Street, SpongeBob SquarePants and My Little Pony. His wildly popular XXRAY half dissection design can even be applied to anime characters like Luffy from One Piece! His new XXPOSED treatment also brings a new dimension to familiar characters like Patrick Star from SpongeBob SquarePants.

Since 2007, Jason has not stopped flaunting his clever, intricate sculptures involving his original character designs. Often portrayed in geometrical and charmingly simple forms, creations like Yolkels bring joy to art lovers and collectors around the world. Recently, in reaction to the Covid-19 situation that plagued the world, Jason even created the sculpture “Booster Shot” featuring a Covid virus with a post-vaccine bandage and glove balloon.

Image Credit: Jason Freeny

And then in 2008, Jason Freeny imagined the in utero fetal development of a Gummi Bear, from gumdrop to a Gummi Bear fetus, and illustrated the process with the art print titled “The Immaculate Confection”. Doing a wordplay on the immaculate conception, Jason explains, visually, the process of a sweet, sweet miracle in the most Gummifetus way ever. 

Image Credit: Jason Freeny

This year, Jason Freeny brings back this iconic piece that bears (haha) his artist name by turning the illustration into an awesome set of hand-sculpted art pieces. The clean aesthetic of the 5 stages of transformation resembles a medical display that one can find in a doctor’s room. The unlikely combination of candy and anatomy takes form in the most elegant and strangely adorable way. Naturally, when we saw this awesome artwork being sculpted, we felt that our collectors would love to be able to own this meaningful piece that literally represents “Gummifetus”!

While Jason’s piece was created in Epoxy, we are recreating the sculpture with clear polystone to mimic the effect of chewy gummy. With an umbilical cord still attached to the Gummi Fetus’s belly and resting atop a white stand, this week’s release “Immaculate Conception: Gummi Fetus” follows Jason’s sculpture closely. In a limited edition of 300, display your fine taste in art with this unique piece that truly represents the art of Jason Freeny. 

6” Head to Toe // Clear Polystone // Limited edition of 300

Immaculate Conception: Gummi Fetus by Jason Freeny
Official Release: Saturday, 5 June, 9am EST
VIP early access: Friday, 4 June 2021, 9am EST 

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