2 SEP 2020

It's Our Mighty Birthday!



It’s our birthday and we’re celebrating with you! Join us on our social media accounts to keep tabs on the many awesome activities we have lined up, you don’t want to miss anything! You stand to win some awesome prizes and some of your old favourites are making a return!

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We have some special gifts* for you! In the month of September, every purchase nets you a free pin set (worth $30). All you have to do is add the pins (click HERE) to your order, and apply the following discount code to get it free: 2020ANNIPIN

If you spend $180 and above in a single order, you can get the pin set and an exclusive A Wood Awakening (Bronze) by Juce Gace keychain! Similarly, add the pin and keychain (click HERE) to your order, and apply the following discount code to get it free: 2020ANNIAWA

At the end of the month, we will be holding a very special YouTube Live session. During the session, we will be giving away 10 exclusive Captain Jaxx art prints by Clogtwo. Read on for some answers to the giveaway questions that will be asked, and stay tuned for more details about the live stream coming soon!


2020 brought a few new artists into the Mighty Jaxx roster. How many? 6 so far, and more to come! We’ve seen the works of Pedro Correa, Po Yun Wang, Rob Bowyer, Death and Milk, Grand Chamaco, and Ndikol join our line up. Have an artist you think we should reach out to? Let us know on social media!

Along with the 6 new artists, your Mighty Jaxx staples like Jason Freeny and Juce Gace continue to release highly sought after drops. In total, we’ve worked with 21 artists across 53 drops so far! 

It’s always really exciting for us to see how well received our drops are. From your favourites like A Wood Awakening, or when we try new stuff like with Samurai (Hell Chamber) by Rob Bowyer. Even the passion you have for collecting the full blindbox of our Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles: My Little Pony leaves us shell shocked at times!

It’s heartening to know how much you are into what we release, and we’ve got so much more exciting stuff coming your way for the rest of the year!

2020 might not have been the year we hoped. We had a pipeline of events we had planned to take part in but all that got cancelled with the outbreak of the coronavirus. As much as we love getting to meet all of you in-person, in times like these, it's best we all stay safe!

We didn’t sit around and mope though! We got to work on bringing you a virtual event experience with Mamafaka Hideout - which went live in August. Missed the virtual event? Take a peep at the video above to check out the virtual space we created. 

Being our first virtual event, it was quite the undertaking to bring it to life. But to see it bear fruit and get so well received by everyone made the challenge worth it. Mamafaka Hideout even got covered by Mashable, which was super exciting for the team!

Connecting with fans is important to us and with the pandemic keeping all of us home, we brought our artists to you! In a series of Mighty Stories videos on our YouTube channel, we went live with a few of our artists and chatted about their inspirations, their works, and much more. Check out the one with Jason Freeny in the video above, and head over to our YouTube channel to watch the rest, including live unboxings!

In 2019, we held the very first Jason Freeny Expo in Taiwan! Showcasing the many incredible works Jason has birthed with us over the years, the event was a huge success. More than just exclusive products and sneak peeks into Jason’s works, the event also brought some giant sized Jason Freeny pieces for fans to take pictures with.

It was also here that the XXRAY Plus Luffy made its debut in the form of a giant statue!

We’ve some exciting news to share! At the end of the year, 2 more Jason Freeny Expos are coming! People in Hong Kong and Nanjing, get ready! More details will be coming your way soon.

You know and love us for our collection of art toys. You might even have copped some lifestyle products from us, if you haven’t, check out our lifestyle range HERE.

In 2020, aside from designing awesome collectibles and apparel, we took the first steps into designing footwear. Together with Jason Freeny and Chinese powerhouse ANTA, we released our first pair of sneakers - the ANTA x Jason Freeny A-Flash Bubble! With translucent soles and reflective bone design, the sneakers were released along with t-shirts and a not-for-sale mascot BUB. Just look how adorable BUB is!

It was a surreal moment for all of us here to see the shoes come to life. The ANTA x Jason Freeny A-Flash Bubble sneakers are available in black and white on the Tmall ANTA Flagship Store.

Together with Movbain, the “INSIDE OUT” collaboration was launched with Jason Freeny. Jason's unique designs fused with the techno-futuristic brand identity of Movbain breathes new life into this series of X-Ray style characters.

The collection is themed "Night Brighter", interpreting creativity and passion through the use of various reflective materials and glow technology. Check out the Movbain Tmall flagship store for more info.

You would have seen the line “Powered by FORREAL” on our product pages, and you might be wondering what is FORREAL.

FORREAL is the name of Mighty Jaxx’s authentication technology (yes that name is for real). In the art toy world, you are bound to come across fakes and if you are stepping into this wonderful world for the first time, it might be daunting to figure out if you’re buying something real.

With FORREAL, you can rest easy! Simply by downloading the Mighty Jaxx app from the Play Store or App Store, and using your NFC enabled smartphone, scan your collectible to authenticate it! When you authenticate your toy on the app, a digital Certificate of Authenticity will pop up if it's authentic and the piece will be tied to your account - making it truly yours.

Here is more information on how to authenticate your Mighty Jaxx pieces.

By purchasing authentic products you will be supporting the artists who worked hard to bring these amazing pieces to you. Support art and support artists, buy authentic products only.

On the Mighty Jaxx app, you can do more than just authenticating your purchases. Everything you love to do on our website can be done on the app - from reading blog posts to making purchases, and even camping for our 24 hours releases. More developments are coming to the app, including a special games section.

We kicked off 2020 by introducing the new Melting series of collectibles with Melting Bomb by Jason Freeny. It was just the first of many firsts this year! 2020 also saw the introduction of XXPOSED, our platform toy Lil’ Maxx, and incense chambers joined our line up. Rumour has it you will see 4D XXRAY return sooner than you think!

Following the successful launch of Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles last year, we’ve brought even more blindboxes your way in 2020! So far, we’ve launched 4 different series - Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles: One Piece, SpongeBob SquarePants (Classic Edition), My Little Pony; and Nyan Sum by Nyammy Treats. Expect more blindboxes coming your way, next up will be our first Lil’ Maxx collection. How exciting!

Are you a Mighty Jaxx VIP? We had our very first VIP exclusive drop in 2020 - the A Wood Awakening (Mono Edition) by Juce Gace! We’ve revamped our VIP program to include more exciting perks like exclusive drops and giveaways, it's time for you to meet Captain Jaxx and join his crew as a Mighty VIP! Much awaits you, click HERE to find out more.

Earlier in the blog post, we mentioned some of your old favourites will be making a return. Take a sneak peek at what's in Captain Jaxx's secret stash, all in extremely limited quantities! If you're a VIP ranked navigator and above, some of these drops are returning just for you.

Click HERE to access Captain Jaxx's secret stash.

2020 has been quite a year already. Through the support you have given us, it has made the challenges we’ve had to overcome that much more worth it. We wouldn’t be here without you, and we wouldn’t have the opportunity to bring so many exciting projects into the world.

We’re excited to have you on this Mighty Journey with us and we promise you a world of exciting projects in the many years to come.

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