28 DEC 2022

It’s Beach Party Time with Freeny's Hidden Dissectibles: Minions (Vacay Edition)



Grab your swimming trunks and sunscreen, it’s time to head to the beach! Join the lovable Minions on their wacky adventure to the shore, sculpted in Jason Freeny’s signature dissection style.

Party up with Freeny's Hidden Dissectibles: Minions (Vacay Edition)—the whole squad is ready, tasked with their individual roles and responsibilities. Hold on… Can the “Minions” and “responsible” even exist together?

Beach Party Jerry

Get the party started with Beach Party Jerry! In-charge of decorating the party, he has instead, decorated himself with the balloons. Dressed up and raring to, expect immaculate vibes from the minion!

DJ Carl

Who’s got the music? It’s DJ Carl in the house pumping out the freshest hits. His choice of electrifying beats is sure to get your body moving!

Fruit Hat Stuart

The food master is none other than Fruit Hat Stuart himself! Craving a banana? How about some pineapples? Take it off his head—he’s a walking table.

Vacation Phil

Vacation Phil is quietly slurping his freezer, enjoying the beachy breeze! If you’re ever thirsty, reach out to him and he’ll hook you up with refreshing drinks.

Hula Dave

Leading the games and activities portion of the party, we have Hula Dave! See if you can outlast him on the hula hoop—winner gets a prize. He’s also prepared the stage for a dance battle so get ready to bust a move.

Evil Minion 

An agent of chaos, the Evil Minion has infiltrated the party and is here for one purpose: Cause havoc! Yet, even he needs a break sometimes.

King Bob

Overseeing the entire party is the ultra-rare King Bob! Dressed in his royal attire—robes and crown—he ensures that the party goes smoothly!

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~4” PVC ABS Blind Box
Tray of 6, 7 Different Variations
No repeats in Tray of 6
Single-box purchases are random
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