1 SEP 2021

Introducing The Creepy Cuties



You don’t have to believe but you should beware. Created by a mysterious society dating as far back as the early 1800s, each totem seals the Creepy Cuties away. The totems keep you the lucky finder, safe from their supernatural abilities.

Creepy Cuties

Designed as a stylized representation of the mythical urban legends from around the world. The Creepy Cuties collection features popular legends from Krampus to Bunny Man and the fearsome Chupacabra.

Here they are known as Totems - where the spirit of the urban legend is sealed away inside so that they won’t be able to hurt you. Each Creepy Cutie has a special symbol created especially for them to help keep them locked inside their totem.

The myths and legends surrounding these spirits are known all over the world, passed on from generation to generation. Unfamiliar with any of them? Be sure to follow the Mighty Jaxx Funboxx account, we’ll be sharing a bit about them!

 Creepy Cuties Line Up

The Creepy Cuties lineup consists of 7 different totems, of which 6 are readily found and 1 is an ultra-rare. The ultra-rare Chupacabra has a 1/24 chance of being found, your chances of finding the ultra-rare totem increase when you purchase a complete tray of 6.

Purchasing by the singles is a game of chance, there’s no telling which totem you’ll find - that’s the thrill of a blind box!

Creepy Cuties Mighty Play

Summon these spirits from their totems with your phones! Digital experiences await when you scan your Creepy Cuties totem via the Mighty Jaxx App. Complete your collection and enshrine them on your digital altar, or play with them in an exclusive AR game… if you dare.

Be sure to download the Mighty Jaxx app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to get the most out of your Creepy Cuties collection.

Creepy Cuties Banner

You love cute, now you’ll love creepy too. Venture into a new mythical realm on 15 September with the Creepy Cuties. Prices start from $12.99, set your reminders here.

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Creepy Cuties Series 01

Creepy Cuties

Creepy Cuties Series 01

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