28 DEC 2021

Introducing Mr. Twisty by Jason Freeny



Mr. Twisty by Jason Freeny

Remember kiddie rides found in malls? Designed to attract little ones with their colorful designs and cheery music, and suck the spare change out of the pockets of our parents. Now, relive those happy memories with Jason Freeny’s Mr. Twisty!

Jason Freeny is widely known for his dissection treatment of our favorite characters and his clever, intricate original designs. We’re ringing in 2022 with Mr. Twisty, Freeny’s newest original design. Mr. Twisty reimagines the recognizable balloon dog as a colorful and convivial ride.

Original sketch of Mr. Twisty by Jason Freeny.

Originally hand sculpted out of epoxy, Freeny intended for Mr. Twisty to represent a scale model of a life-size kiddie ride. Great care was taken to include all the molding seams and fasteners you’d find in an actual kiddie ride. Take a look at the sculpting and assembly process of the various parts that make this fun new piece:

Assembly of Mr. Twisty's balloon dog.

Mr. Twisty base, WIP.

Sculpted mechanical neck, connecting the base to the balloon dog.

Assembly of Mr. Twisty's main elements.

Details, details, details!

Mr. Twisty coin-box decal.

Completed original sculpt of Mr. Twisty.

This incredible sculpt is now being made into a vinyl collectible for you to own. Every detail that was sculpted in Freeny’s original has been lovingly recreated to capture every bit of magic of this wonderful piece. Go on endless imaginative rides with Mr. Twisty by Jason Freeny, it’s the best way to ride into the new year!

$199 // 9" vinyl art collectible // Limited edition of 300 only

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Mr. Twisty by Jason Freeny

Jason Freeny

Mr. Twisty by Jason Freeny

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