11 MAY 2022

Introducing Kandy x Sanrio ft. Jason Freeny (Series 01)



You sure do love your blind boxes! Who can blame you, there’s nothing quite like the anticipation and thrill of unboxing a blind box toy. Today, we’re super excited to present a new style of blind box toys - Kandy!

 Kandy x Sanrio ft. Jason Freeny (Series 01)

Sweet, Sweet Indulgence

Each Kandy figurine is split into halves. One half is the character as you’d expect, while the other is a candy-colored half. Using colored clear PVC to mimic the look of delicious rock candies, each figure takes on a different “flavor”. From the beautiful pastel pink of bubblegum candy to the golden yellow of sweet caramel, this colorful collection is a feast for the senses. Adding to the sweetness of the collection, the base of each figurine is modeled after heart-shaped strawberry milk chocolate.

 Kandy x Sanrio ft. Jason Freeny (Series 01)

A Surprise Inside

For the first release of Kandy blind boxes, we’ve enlisted Jason Freeny to add his spin to the colorful collection. Peep at the clear Kandied half of each figure and you’ll find their unique half dissections. It’s like a little Kandy surprise!

7 Sanrio Figures To Collect

There are many firsts with this collection! It’s the first Kandy collection, and also our first-ever blind box of Sanrio figurines. There are 7 different Sanrio characters to collect, from the always endearing Hello Kitty to the adorable Pompompurin.

Kandy x Sanrio ft. Jason Freeny (Series 01)

It wouldn’t be a blind box collection without a rare figure - Cinnamoroll! Cinnamoroll’s Kandied half is inspired by ice cream soda candy and comes in a beautiful shade of blue. It’s a rare figure you don’t want to miss out on!

Available From 25 May

We know you can’t wait to get your hands on Kandy x Sanrio ft. Jason Freeny! Lucky for you, the collection launches on 25 May, 9 am ET. Be sure to set your reminders here so you don’t miss out!

Kandy x Sanrio ft. Jason Freeny (Series 01) Release Banner

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Kandy x Sanrio ft. Jason Freeny


Kandy x Sanrio ft. Jason Freeny

12.99 USD