5 MAY 2021

Artist Interview: Rock On with Mankeeboi!!



We are so ready to rock this week with new artist on the block – Mankeeboi! If you love food and anime (who doesn't!?), then you're in luck! On his vibrant Instagram page, you'll find awesome fan-art of some of our favorite characters from anime series like Dragon Ball, Dr. Stone, and One Piece, slurpin' ramen! What's more, Mankeeboi also has a range of original characters of food throwing up rock-on hand signs – just how awesome is that?!

This week, we're turning one of his original creations, Rock On! Sushi, into a 7" vinyl art toy, and also invited the artist himself to share more about his art and this energetic sushi!

Tell us where you are from and what you do!

I’m from Metro Manila, Philippines. Born and raised in Marikina city, the shoe capital of the PH. I’m a full-time illustrator and a part-time art director.

What inspired the name and logo for “Mankeeboi”?

Monkeys, I love monkeys. But the name actually came from a branding project we had in college, the name was “Mankeetoys”. We were asked to create a brand and a product. That was my first attempt at making art toys.

 mankeeboi illustrations sushi donut pizza

When did you start drawing and why?

I think I started when I was 5 or 6. I used to copy posters and prints of Dragon Ball. As for why I don’t really know. I think I do it because I can.

Describe your art style! My original style was Japanese Manga and American comics mix, back when I was an Indie comic book creator. But I realized that it’s so hard to earn a living from comics, especially in the PH. Then I discovered DTG (Direct to Garment Printing) websites and my style gradually changed. Now, my style leaned more towards a mix of kawaii, anime, and classic cartoons.

Who are some of your favorite artists and why?

James Jean and Kim Jung Gi. They both have mad skills, and their art style is very much unique.

We see that you’ve done toy customizations! Care to talk about some of them?

I have various toy designs for my original characters, like Kahel and XX5. I tried sculpting, but I think I need more practice, LOL. I also have experimented with my logo, mixing in some pop iconography. I also have that one design where I “Jason Freenified” my sushi characters, I like his dissection style. The one I did for Watari Dream’s Andy Cat was for an auction, I made it into a Salmon sushi & wasabi colorway. I had fun doing that, I think I need to do more of those.

A sushi-inspired character with a rock-on hand sign – tell us more about him and the inspiration behind this design!

I love Japanese food. My girlfriend loves salmon sashimi so much. I think that’s why I made the sushi characters. For this specific series (Rock on! / Jumping), I wanted to create a happy vibe, something with a very big smile. I can’t really remember why I used the rock on hand sign. I think It just gives that vibe of happiness and enthusiasm.

How do you feel about this toy that you are creating together with Mighty Jaxx?

I’m so excited about this toy. Salmon and Tuna are my favorite characters. I’m so honored and happy to be doing this collaboration with you guys. I have been waiting for this, and now it’s here.

Quick Questions
Sushi or Ramen? This is so hard. Ramen.
Anime or Manga? Manga
Comedy or Horror? Comedy
Digital or traditional medium? Digital
Heroes or Villains? Villains

Lastly, if people want to see more of your art and know what’s up, where should they go?

They can check me out on Instagram and Facebook with the handle @mankeeboi

This awesome 7" vinyl art toy comes with an interchangeable "Maguro (Tuna)" haircut, and stands on a piece of "seaweed"! 

Rock On! Sushi by Mankeeboi will be available from Saturday, 8 May, 9am EST on www.mightyjaxx.com! Enjoy x2 Mighty Coins for this item on your Mighty Jaxx VIP account when you pre-order within the first 24 hours of launch! Subscribe to our newsletter below and stay tuned to our socials to make sure you never miss a thing!


Rock On! Sushi by MankeeBoi


Rock On! Sushi by MankeeBoi

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