6 JUL 2021

Important: Our VIP Program is getting an update soon!



The Mighty Assembly VIP Program has been around for a while, unlocking rewards and treasures for our valued members – but we felt it’s time to throw in a little more. This 1 August, we will be updating some of our program mechanics, and will also be giving your account dashboard a fresh, handsome new look! Here are some new major features to expect:

  • A brand new Captain-worthy account dashboard
  • Birthday month Mighty Coin multiplier
  • Flexible rewards redemption with Mighty Coins

    We will also be amping up on this year’s Captains-only Mighty Exclusive Holiday Surprise, and will be revealing a sneak peek in due time. We’re kinda excited about it. Okay, ngl we are super excited about it!!!

    Here’s an important notice before we get carried away, though. For all who enjoyed redeeming and using the current vouchers using Mighty Coins, do note that the system will be switched to a different mechanic. It will allow more flexible redemptions at $0.05 off for every 10 Mighty Coins, right where you checkout, with no cap or fixed amount on how much you can redeem at once.

    With that said, we would like to remind you that if you wish to redeem any of the current vouchers here, do kindly do so before 31 July. The vouchers that you redeem from now till 31 July will also expire within a period of 6 months, while all existing code-based vouchers redeemed with Mighty Coins before 6 July will be phased out by 31 Jan 2022.

    If you prefer to keep your Mighty Coins for now, that’s totally alright too, as your Mighty Coins will stay, and your rank will remain the same as well, after the update. You will also still be able to use the Mighty Coins you have now to offset purchases with the new system, it’s your call!

    Stay tuned for more information about the whole update via Instagram or Facebook, and don’t forget to look out for the handy newsletters that we slide into your inbox every week! Subscribe below if you have not. Stay mighty!