14 MAR 2018

Take Great Toy Photos on a Budget – featuring Sakura Kozou



Look at this wonderful photo of Sakura Kozou! With beautiful soft sakura blossoms blooming overhead, you might be convinced that we had gone to Japan ourselves to take these gorgeous spring shots. How we wished for such time and budget, but reality is not always a bed of roses (or rather, sakura petals). To break the underwhelming truth to you, all the photos in this campaign was actually taken just behind our office, in the hot and humid island of Singapore, on a hot and humid day. And it cost us SGD$6 for all our props. 

Here are 3 tips for you to take fantastic photos of your toys on a budget!

1. Props FTW

All it took was a few branches of plastic Sakura blossoms, which we happily purchased for $2 a bunch from Daiso, a Japanese store that sells everything at $2. By everything, we mean EVERYTHING, including the oddest things such as banana holders (a 'lunchbox' but for one... whole... banana...), sushi-shaped erasers and of course, bunches of plastic Sakura blossoms. This is basically art students and housewives' paradise.

It doesn't have to be expensive. It just needs to be relevant!

2. Bring your toys for a walk

Not on a leash. We're creative but not insane. Granted, toys look great indoors – on your desk, in your display cabinets etc. But we think sometimes the outdoors really adds life to the toy. Like... BMA is alive and playing basketball (resisting the temptation to say MBA) or Ohonneko is praying at the shrine before a battle! In this case, Sakura Kozou is sitting in a Sakura park or hiding behind a tree, having fun in spring. Just make sure you have good lighting!

3. Try many different angles

This is perhaps the only hard part – getting your props and toys and environment to work together nicely. Don't ever settle for the first picture you take! See how some earlier shots that we took had very Singapore-looking high-rise flats in the background. That's not working out. So we tried more, and found that the top view really works well. Or have your toy lean against a tree! Sakura Kozou hiding behind a tree? Perfect for us! So keep trying and moving to get your best shot!

To celebrate 50k followers of Instagram (woohooo!!) we will be having a Instagram photo contest!

3 simple steps to qualify
1.Take a cool photo of any Mighty Jaxx toy(s) that you have
2. Write about why you love Mighty Jaxx in the captions, hashtag #Mightyjaxx and post the photo
3. Make sure your profile is public and that you're following us 


1 Most Liked Photo Award
1 x $50 Mighty Jaxx Voucher
(Photo with most likes on Instagram)

1 Best Photo Award
1 x $50 Mighty Jaxx Voucher
(Selected by team Mighty Jaxx)

5 Best Caption Award
1 x $10 Mighty Jaxx Voucher each
(Selected by team Mighty Jaxx)

Contest starts 13 Mar, 10pm EDT, and ends 27 Mar, 10pm EDT.
Keep 'em comin'!!

Sakura Kozou will be released on Saturday, 24th February (10PM SGP, 10AM NYC, 2PM LDN) on the front page of www.mightyjaxx.rocks.