15 SEP 2021

How To Use Your Incense Chamber



POPek Incense Chamber (Black Edition)

The goodest boy welcomes us back into the World of POPIKI, say hello to the exquisite POPek Incense Chamber (Black Edition) by Whatshisname. Made from high gloss painted porcelain, the premium material accentuates POPek's artful curves. Carefully placed perforations allow for smoke to rise out of the unique piece giving POPek an other-worldly feel.

What's An Incense Chamber?

Find yourself wondering how an incense chamber and incense burner differ? They don’t! Both incense chambers and incense burners are two names for the same thing, you might also know them as censers. Incense burners are generally made of bronze or pottery and fitted with a perforated lid, in which incense is burned.

How To Use An Incense Chamber

Using your incense chamber is a simple 4 step process. Here’s what you need to do:

Prepare incense cone
Step 1: Lift POPek off the base and prepare your incense cone.

Light up the incense cone
Step 2: Light up the incense cone.

Place the incense cone into the base of the incense chamber
Step 3: Place the incense cone into the base of the incense chamber.

POPek Incense Chamber (Black Edition)
Step 4: Return POPek back to the base and watch smoke waft out.

If a single cone doesn’t generate enough smoke for your liking, you may add a second cone into the base. Refrain from touching the incense chamber when in use as the surface is hot and may cause burns.

POPek Incense Chamber (Black Edition) by Whatshisname

We sure do love Whathisname’s balloon dogs, his wonderful balloon creatures have spawned an entire collection of highly sought-after collectibles. On 18 September, POPek returns in a premium porcelain finish with POPek Incense Chamber (Black Edition). VIPs ranked Navigator and above get early access on 17 September.

You don’t wanna miss this magnificent porcelain piece, set your reminders HERE.

POPek Incense Chamber (Black Edition) Release Banner
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