28 MAR 2022

Getting Trippy With Droopy Cat



Droopy Cat (Trippy Edition)

You already know how much we love our cats here at Mighty Jaxx, with so many cat collectibles under our belt is it really a surprise that we’re releasing more? Whether they’re fused with yummy treats in Nyammy Treats or taking on the world gangster style like Syndicats, we know one thing to be true - cats rule!

This week, things are getting a little trippy around here. PoOL returns with Droopy Cat (Trippy Edition), with a new purple coat, a loonngg glow-in-the-dark tongue, and the unmissable droops, the distinct cat’s laid-back and droopy form shines through. A trippy world of whimsical droops awaits, take a closer look at this unique cat collectible!

Droopy Cat (Trippy Edition) by PoOL  Droopy Cat (Trippy Edition) by PoOL
Shades of purple and the iconic wide grin, complete with trippy green details.

Droopy Cat (Trippy Edition) by PoOL Droopy Cat (Trippy Edition) by PoOL
A big droopy tail and glow-in-the-dark tongue, never lose sight of Droopy Cat.

Droopy Cat 3D Printed Prototype
Special peek! 3D printed prototype of Droopy Cat.

Droopy Cat (Trippy Edition) by PoOL is available from 2 Apr, 9 am ET.
$169 with free shipping worldwide.

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Droopy Cat (Trippy Edition) by PoOL


Droopy Cat (Trippy Edition) by PoOL

169.0 USD