12 APR 2019

Gather at Animal Farm with Maneki-Dino!


The gates are wide open, come on in! Animal Farm is here! Fret not, nothing sinister is going on like in George Orwell's Animal Farm. Our animal farm is home to lovely adorable animal friends who bring nothing but charm and love into your homes. Let's take a look at some of them!

Boo Bear by Andrea Kang (Pink)
Species: Ghost Bear

The adorable Boo Bear travels between dimensions to return wishes to their rightful owner. With such a kind heart and an adorable face, how can anyone turn Boo Bear away? Boo Bear might be elusive, but he'll stay with you forever if you bring him home.

Cheeky Mouse by Johnny Draco
Species: Mouse

He mighty be cheeky, but he does it all in a bid to win your hearts! Bringing new levels of hype to your Hypebeast game - from owning the most coveted kicks to crashing the most raving parties, Cheeky Mouse never misses a single beat of the urban pulse.

Maneki-Dino by Juce Gace (Yellow)
Species: Dinosaur

Okay we know a dinosaur isn't technically an animal, but Maneki-Dino isn't an ordinary dinosaur is he? Decked out in a glorious yellow - a colour that signifies optimism and happiness - bring Maneki home for bountiful joy! 

Maneki-Dino by Juce Gace (Yellow) drops Saturday, 13 April 2019, at 9am ET only on mightyjaxx.com.


Clearly, these animals are unlike the ones in George Orwell's Animal Farm. So bring them home with no worries, they won't kill you in your sleep and take over one day; they only wish to bring you endless joy and love. Check out the full collection for yourself and give these guys a forever home, you know you want to! 



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