10 MAR 2021

Gamers: We want your opinions!



calling all gamers survey banner

Gamers, where you at? If you are into online games with a strong focus on community and creator economies, we want your opinions!

We would like to know more about our Mighty Jaxx fans and the games, community and content that you care about! We would like to seek your opinions via a simple survey regarding games and community-created digital content in games. There will be token of appreciation in the form of $100 Mighty Jaxx vouchers for participants who complete this two-part study with us. 

The study consists of a qualifying online survey, and a follow-up interview for select respondents based on survey answers. Complete the online survey and if you qualify for the interview, we will contact you via email to schedule a follow-up. If that sounds good to you, click on the following button to take the survey!