27 OCT 2022

Exploring Art’s Potential with Message in a Bottle by Kerby Rosanes



Kerby Rosanes returns to Mighty Jaxx with his third piece, Message in a Bottle. In his provocative, purpose-driven style, the piece focuses on marine pollution with a literal message in a bottle, a warning to humanity—we will be the ones to suffer from its effects, and nature will continue to find its way to thrive.

A special dual-casting technique was applied to create the translucent effect of the bottle encasing the skeleton. Other details include the carefully sculpted juxtaposition of thriving marine life surrounding this iceberg-like bottle of death.

Art is a powerful tool that has been wielded across history to alter the course of life as we know it. We explore some of the most influential ways it has transformed our society.

Exploring and Revealing Human Nature

Art and human nature have an inherent connection. Whether in philosophy which tackles the bigger questions, or psychology which dives into the details, art has the uncanny ability to translate theories in these fields into relatable imagery, evoking feelings and sparking revelations about human nature. 

One such piece is the renowned “The Scream” by Edvard Munch. The visceral painting symbolizes the anxiety of the human condition and the loneliness we all must deal with. On the flip side, we have Johannes Vermeer's Girl with Pearl Earring. The technical masterpiece combines elements like lighting, perception, and background to create an intimate exploration of beauty in fleeting moments. 

Showcasing Technological Advancements

Art itself has been a great way to illustrate use cases for new, revolutionary technologies. One of the most iconic pieces is Galloping Horse by Eadweard Muybridge. In a time where all images were static, Muybridge pioneered a new technique where multiple cameras were used to capture multiple frames of a moving object—leading the way to video content as we know it. 

In recent times, improvements in technologies such as drones, blockchain, and virtual reality have opened new avenues for art to be explored. The relationship between art and technology is symbiotic—both fields continue to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Advocating Social Causes

As mentioned earlier, art has the power to evoke strong emotions. This makes it an ideal way for people to advocate social causes they feel strongly about. This type of art is also known as activist art. 

Message in a Bottle by Kerby Rosanes is one such piece. It is Rosanes’ take on where the problem of continued marine pollution will lead if we don’t change our ways. For example, he notes that flooding is made worse by pollution clogging floodway systems and rivers–affecting the livelihood of humans living near water bodies. 

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Message in a Bottle by Kerby Rosanes is a powerful ARTvism piece that seamlessly combines its details and techniques to create a bigger splash and get its message across. Pre-orders start on 29 Oct 2022.