11 FEB 2022

Everything About Our Phygital Collectibles



You would’ve seen the word “phygital” used all around our website and social media in reference to our collectibles and you’re probably wondering “what does phygital mean?” We’re here to help!

What is phygital

Phygital is a portmanteau, blending the words physical and digital together expressing a combination of the meaning of its parts. Mighty Jaxx Phygital® collectibles extend your physical collecting journey with a digital experience.

What makes our collectibles phygital?

Every Mighty Jaxx collectible comes with a digital element in the form of digital authentication through the Mighty Jaxx app and some come enabled with a Mighty Jaxx Xtended Xperience®.

Authentication powered by Forreal

Every Mighty Jaxx Phygital® collectible comes embedded with an NFC chip to authenticate your collectible. All you need is the Mighty Jaxx App, a compatible collectible*, and an NFC-ready smartphone. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to authenticate your collectible:

In the world of art collectibles, combating fakes can be tough. With authentication technology like FORREAL, you can rest assured that you’re buying authentic Mighty Jaxx phygital collectibles even on the secondary market. When you purchase authentic products, you support the hard work of the artists that made them.

Download the Mighty Jaxx app from the App Store or Play Store and start authenticating today.

*Collectibles that can be authenticated are shipped with the FORREAL sticker and have either "Powered by Forreal" or "Authentication powered by Forreal" in their descriptions on the Mighty Jaxx website.

Mighty Jaxx Xtended Xperience®

While many of you are already familiar with the authentication features built into our phygital collectibles, you might not be as familiar with the Mighty Jaxx Xtended Xperience®.

Collectibles that come enabled with the Mighty Jaxx Xtended Xperience® unlocks an immersive world of digital experiences that promises to bring your collecting journey to the next level. These one-of-a-kind experiences are unlockable through the Mighty Jaxx App, so what are these experiences?

Creepy Cuties

It could be a release with NFT like Doge to the Moon to bridge your physical and digital collections, you can unlock a game key with Tiny Tina & Butt Stallion and get lootin’ and shootin’ all up in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, enshrine your collection in a digital altar with the Creepy Cuties, and engage in some wholesome fun with the Nubbies: Sesame Street.

Even our Mighty AllStars collections with F1 and BVB come enabled with Mighty Jaxx Xtended Xperience®. As we develop more Mighty Jaxx Xtended Xperience® for our range of phygital collectibles, exciting things await your collecting journey with Mighty Jaxx.

F1 2021 Collector's Edition

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Creepy Cuties Series 01

Creepy Cuties

Creepy Cuties Series 01

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Tiny Tina & Butt Stallion (523 Edition)

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Tiny Tina & Butt Stallion (523 Edition)

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