27 FEB 2024

Emotional Rollercoaster: Unveiling the Kandy Minions Emonions Series!



Are you ready for an exhilarating journey through a world of emotions? Brace yourself as Mighty Jaxx unveils its latest creation – the Kandy Minions Emonions Series! Prepare to be enchanted by the delightful fusion of mischievous Minions and the sweet charm of gummy collectibles.

In this enchanting series, each Minion takes center stage, proudly displaying a distinct emotion that sets them apart. Imagine Angry Stuart, Confident Kevin, Happy Bob, Annoyed Mel, Sad Carl, Excited Otto, and Scared Kyle transformed into adorable half-Minion, half-gummy treasures. The result? A mesmerizing collection that captures the essence of each emotion, turning them into miniature works of art.

As you embark on this emotional rollercoaster, you'll find yourself captivated by the expressive details that bring each character to life. Happy Bob radiates pure joy, Confident Kevin exudes self-assurance, while Annoyed Mel wears irritation like a badge of honor. The attention to detail in design ensures that every emotion is vividly portrayed, making these collectibles a feast for the eyes.


Angry Stuart
Meet Angry Stuart, the fiery Minion who wears his emotions on his sleeve. With furrowed brows and a furiously furled mouth, Stuart radiates intensity that's hard to ignore. His vibrant orange color takes on a new dimension as he embodies the spirit of frustration and anger, making him a standout addition to the Kandy Minions Emonions Series.


Confident Kevin
Step into the world of self-assurance with Confident Kevin, the Minion who exudes charisma and assurance. Kevin's confident stance and beaming smile make him the natural leader of the pack. Dressed in bold colors and sporting an undeniable air of authority, Kevin invites you to embrace confidence and channel your inner leader with every glance.


Happy Bob
Happiness personified, Happy Bob is here to spread joy and laughter. With an infectious smile that lights up his face, Bob's upbeat demeanor is impossible to resist. The vibrant colors of his gummy form capture the essence of pure happiness, making Happy Bob the perfect companion for those seeking a daily dose of positivity and cheer.


Annoyed Mel
Enter the world of irritation and annoyance with Annoyed Mel. Mel's crossed arms and a disgruntled expression make it clear that he's not in the mood for shenanigans. Yet, his charm remains intact, showcasing that even in moments of annoyance, there's a certain appeal. Annoyed Mel adds a touch of relatable exasperation to the Kandy Minions Emonions Series.


Sad Carl
Prepare to be moved by the melancholic charm of Sad Carl. With drooping eyes and a downtrodden expression, Carl embodies the somber side of the emotional spectrum. His subdued hues and expressive demeanor make Sad Carl a poignant reminder that even in moments of sadness, there's a unique beauty that resonates with the soul.


Excited Otto
Bursting with enthusiasm and energy, Excited Otto is the embodiment of pure excitement. With wide eyes and an eager stance, Otto radiates anticipation and joy. His vivid colors and animated expression make him the life of the party, inviting you to embrace the thrill of excitement in every aspect of life.


Scared Dave:
Brace yourself for a touch of fear with Scared Kyle, the Minion who embodies the essence of being spooked. Kyle's wide-eyed, apprehensive expression captures the vulnerability that comes with fear. Despite his timid demeanor, Scared Kyle's endearing qualities make him a standout addition to the Kandy Minions Emonions Series, reminding us that even in moments of fear, there's a certain charm to be found.


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