11 JUL 2018

Doodling with a Smile - I Love Doodle



Lim Heng Swee AKA I Love Doodle is an illustrator, husband, and father of 2 boys. Hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Lim has made "doodling with a smile" his mantra, aiming to make people smile more in their everyday lives.

Having been awarded designer of the year 2009 and 2011 on threadless.com, a leading T-shirt community in the US, Lim is well known for his clever, simple and utterly adorable designs that never fail to surprise. His countless illustrations have been made into T-shirts and art-prints. Let's have a little trip around doodle town and check out some of our favorite works by I Love Doodle!

Good morning sunshine by i love doodle artwork image

"Good Morning Sunshine" by I Love Doodle


im like a bird illustration by i love doodle

"I'm Like a Bird" by I Love Doodle

Feeling warm and fuzzy inside yet? We can't get over how lovely these illustrations are! So this week, we are proud to add Meowlting by I Love Doodle, a vinyl art collectible based off Lim's creative illustration "Cats Ice Cream", into our originals collection!

meowlting pattern artwork image

For this piece, Lim simply wanted to combine two things that people love – cats and ice cream – into one. Because, why not? We really love how the simplicity of this illustration epitomizes Lim's style, which always reveals pleasant surprises hidden amidst minimal forms. Remember "I Will Never Le(t)Go"? With a punny name like "Meowlting", this sweet number is bound to make anyone's heart "meowlt", and we're lovin' it!

meowlting by i love doodle product image with pink wall

To celebrate the release of this wonderful piece, we are giving away one "Meowlting by I Love Doodle" 6-inch vinyl art collectible to one lucky person who played this fun little quiz! Clicking this yummy yellow button to...

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Meowlting by I Love Doodle opens for preorder on Saturday, 14 July 2018, 10 am (NYC), 10 pm (SGP), 3 pm (LDN), and 24 hours earlier for VIPs ranked Navigator and above.