22 AUG 2019

Dispatch Mission: Phantom



With 2 successful missions under your belt, first on Isla Cráneo and the successful assassination of General Quacker in Project Friendly Fire, the generals now have another task for you to carry out. Comparatively simpler in nature, the delivery mission is still high in stakes.

Captured in the Skull Bomb is a mysterious force that has been dubbed: Phantom. The exact nature of this force is unknown. You will need to transport the Skull Bomb from base to Area 15, where the force will be studied and its uses determined. It is paramount that the Phantom force be contained in the Skull Bomb vessel at all times during transport, every attempt to house it in different vessels have resulted in catastrophe.

Rumour has it that the Phantom force contains the energy of negative emotions. Should the force break free of the vessel, every positive energy in a 3 mile radius will be consumed by the force, plunging everyone into an eternal darkness.

You will be equipped with the necessary equipment to help keep it contained within the vessel. The route you will take is rife with infighting, alternative routes are out of the question due to their winding nature. Word has spread about the captured Phantom force and we have reason to believe that attempts will be made to take the Skull Bomb Phantom during the transport.

You only have 24 hours to complete the mission. The equipment you are given can only contain the Phantom force for so long in the Skull Bomb vessel. Any longer will result in a deterioration of the Skull Bomb vessel and potential destruction. Your mission begins on 24 August 2019 at 9am ET. Good luck soldier.

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