8 JUL 2020

Diable Jambe with the XXRAY Plus Sanji (Anime Edition)



One Piece fans, rejoice! The XXRAY Plus series of One Piece art toys continues with the XXRAY Plus Sanji (Anime Edition). Ordered your XXRAY Plus Luffy and XXRAY Plus Zoro (Anime Edition) already? Be sure to add the XXRAY Plus Sanji (Anime Edition) to complete the Monster Trio!

Continuing the trend of our One Piece figures being captured in kinetic poses, the XXRAY Plus Sanji (Anime Edition) immortalises Sanji's iconic fighting style - the Diable Jambe.

For the uninitiated, the Diable Jambe is when Sanji heats up his leg, adding extreme heat to the impact of his kicks, allowing him to burn his opponents. Using friction, he activates the Diable Jambe by spinning at high speeds.


Jason Freeny's iconic dissection style features prominently in the XXRAY Plus Sanji (Anime Edition) design. Together with the Diable Jambe pose, Sanji has never looked this cool! Check out the intense look on his face, he's snazzy and he knows it.

We did not dub it "Anime Edition" for no reason! The XXRAY Plus Sanji (Anime Edition) features a shading style similar to the anime the character comes from. Beyond the usual black shadow effect, Sanji has orange accents from the flame effect of the Diable Jambe.

Here's a closer look at the XXRAY dissection and the Diable Jambe pose of the figure. Note the shading on the flame effect, it isn't just a single tone of orange! Extra care has gone into making sure this pose is captured in the best way possible. Look at how the flame effect spreads onto Sanji's clothes as well, its quite the effect!

XXRAY Plus Sanji (Anime Edition) will be available for order on 8 July, 9am EST. The dissected art figure stands 8" tall. $169 with free shipping.

Due to licensing agreements, sale of this figure is limited to the following territories only:

 SG, MY, TH, TW, HK, PH & MO

We know how disappointing these territory restrictions can be and we're working hard to bring these officially licensed figures to more markets soon!

XXRAY Plus: Sanji (Anime Edition)

One Piece

XXRAY Plus: Sanji (Anime Edition)

169.0 USD