6 MAR 2019

Courage, Compassion, Wonder Woman!




8 March is International Women’s Day, and what better way to celebrate it than honouring the world’s quintessential icon for female empowerment – Wonder Woman! Embodying the allure of a beautiful woman together with god-like strengths to boot, Wonder Woman has been a pop culture staple for 78 years. A founding member of the Justice League and one third of the DC Trinity alongside Superman and Batman, there’s no limit to what this powerful yet compassionate woman can accomplish. 

With the countless epochal moments created by this heroine, it’s hard for us to pick our favourite moments. Here are 4 of our top picks, so let’s relive these badass Wonder Woman moments! We also have a limited time *GIVEAWAY* (yaayyyy!!) at the end, so keep reading on!

4.  Not Giving in to Anger after Facing Ares’ Forces 
While not badass in the typical sense of the word, sometimes, it is badass to simply acknowledge how far you’ve strayed and bring yourself back. Wonder Woman loses herself in bloodlust while taking out Ares’ foes, only managing to compose herself by using the Lasso Of Truth on herself, reminding her of her mission and self. The scene is a perfect reminder that Wonder Woman would be nothing without her heart, and the reason she is one of the most iconic female heroes is her ability to care so deeply for others.

3. Saving Herself
Early Wonder Woman comics often portrayed her breaking free of bonds. No need for prince charming, or a white knight swooping in to the rescue, Wonder Woman’s symbolic action of shattering the shackles, with her exceptional will-power and strength, is an empowering move that society is in dire need of. Subverting the damsel in distress trope that was common in early comic books, marks her name in pop culture and people's hearts, not only as a feminist icon, but as a symbol of great strength and independence.

2. Her Powerful Entrance In Batman v Superman
Knocked out of the sky by a rampaging Doomsday, Batman is defeated by – a stuck seatbelt! All hope seems lost as the Kryptonian Monster takes aim at Batman, but in the last moment, backed up with a chorus of rock guitars and sheer badassery, Wonder Woman swoops in making her big screen debut. Saving Batman? All in a day’s work!

1. The No Man’s Land Charge
 Arguably the most powerful moment of the 2017 film, the No Man’s Land charge signifies the birth of Wonder Woman in the film. Composed and executed beautifully and with great care; from the swift movements of the camera, the swelling of the music, to the contrasting colours of her suit against the background, all point to this scene being a pivotal moment in the film. It’s an awe-inspiring scene not just for what she accomplishes, but for its significance – Wonder Woman has finally arrived! 

Wonder Woman is so much more than just another female superhero, she is a symbol for empowerment, equality, strength, love, humanity, and compassion for people everywhere. Her selflessness and purity is something we should all aspire to be; There is a Wonder Woman inside all of us. 

?? Did you know ??

...that Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston? Marston was a psychologist famous for inventing the polygraph. He created Wonder Woman as a hero who would triumph with love and not fists, and to be a model of the era’s liberated women. His wife, Elizabeth Marston, and their polyamorous life partner, Olive Byrne, are inspirations for Wonder Woman’s appearance. Wonder Woman made her debut in All Star Comics #8 in 1941.

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