11 JAN 2022

Close Up With XXRAY Plus: Monster Point



Who doesn’t love Chopper? His jovial personality, big heart, and adorable character design have earned him a special place in the hearts of many One Piece fans. Even here at Mighty Jaxx, many of us just adore this little reindeer!

We’ve seen Chopper be the adorable cutie that he is in Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles: One Piece and with the XXRAY Plus: Chopper, now he’s back and he’s taken a Rumble Ball! Chopper can now "distort the wavelengths" of the Devil Fruit's transformation and access his Monster Point form!

XXRAY Plus Monster Point

Where previously his Monster Point transformation would make him lose his mind and go berserk, post time skip Chopper has learned to stay in control of himself, allowing him to fight in his most powerful form.

Now dissected by Jason Freeny, the XXRAY Plus: Monster Point strikes a ferocious pose. Letting out a fearsome battle cry, his imposing dissected figure strikes terror in the hearts of opposing crews as you sail the Grand Line in search of the elusive One Piece!

XXRAY Plus: Monster Point

Display the XXRAY Plus: Monster Point in or out of its window box packaging.

XXRAY Plus Monster Point XXRAY Plus Monster Point XXRAY Plus Monster Point

The sheer power of Monster Point, epitomized in a detailed dissected collectible.

XXRAY Plus Monster Point

Complete your collection of Chopper’s transformation points with Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles: One Piece (Series 3), coming soon.

XXRAY Plus Monster PointXXRAY Plus Monster PointXXRAY Plus Monster Point

XXRAY Plus: Monster Point is available from 15 Jan, 9 am ET for $69
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XXRAY Plus Monster Point

One piece

XXRAY Plus Monster Point

69.0 USD