9 FEB 2021

Chill-Out On Vday With A Wood Awakening



Available 13th February 2021, 9am EST.


Can you feel it, l’amour? Yes, love is in the air! This time, something is making the boy so weak in his knees that he can’t even stand like how he used to. What happened to him?


Everything is 10 inches more romantic in Paris! 


The boy has gone to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower, but nothing could prepare him for the other tower that he finds. Love finds its way when you least expect it, and this time it looks like it has finally found the boy for the first time. His virgin kiss came swift and lasted for no more than a peck on the cheek, but it was enough to make his pants rise like a baguette in the oven. Things turn awkward as he blushes and freezes on the spot, unsure of what to do next… It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this? 

The lovely boy that we are welcoming this Valentine's Day is none other than A Wood Awakening Chill-Out by Juce Gace (First Kiss Edition)!


A real kiss turns a real boy… into a real man


This week, a fresh yet familiar face joins our Mighty collection of vinyl toys. No introductions needed to this fan favorite, but he is a little different this time! Prepare your hearts for A Wood Awakening Chill-out – a new take of A Wood Awakening in a sitting posture. While he’s not the first Valentine’s Day special A Wood Awakening, he definitely is the first one who got struck so hard he has to take a seat! Having released A Wood Awakening (Love Edition) for Vday in 2019, we are back with more love this year with the first sitting A Wood Awakening.

Check out our Valentine’s Day 2019 special on YouTube!


Besides the new pose, A Wood Awakening Chill-Out (First Kiss Edition) also wears a mask, which does nothing to hide his bright pink blush. Take a closer look at the bold red lipstick mark, we can only guess who might have left this mark of love on our favorite boy’s face and put the Eiffel Tower to shame.



Compared to his usual wardrobe, A Wood Awakening has also taken an immense liking to shades of pink and heart-shaped patterns. He wears his heart on his sleeve and everywhere else - check out those cute heart prints all over the shirt! That’s the magic of love! What’s his next move? Well, we are guessing that he certainly won’t stay seated for long!

There's also an upcoming giveaway contest happening on Wednesday, 9 Feb 9 P.M. EST. Stand a chance to win A Wood Awakening Chill-Out by Juce Gace (First Kiss Edition). Stay tuned for more details by heading over to Mighty Jaxx IG.

A Wood Awakening Chill-Out by Juce Gace (First Kiss Edition) will be dropping on www.mightyjaxx.com on Saturday, 13 Feb, at 9 A.M. EST. Remember to download the Mighty Jaxx App on Google Play or the App Store to get a notification when it’s available, so that you won’t miss his arrival!