2 SEP 2020

Cat Quest Lifestyle Collection



Have you played Cat Quest and Cat Quest II? We have, we love it, so we are making merch for it! Designed by Singaporean game developer, The Gentlebros, this catventurous RPG is full of plot-twists, fantastically fearsome foes, and lots and lots of kitties and doggos. 

For this collection, we worked closely with The Gentlebros to develop an official lifestyle collection of Cat Quest merchandise that caters to gamers and also looks so incredibly adorable that even people who don’t play Cat Quest would find them irresistible.

Let’s take a look at what we have in store!


Two distinct styles of T-shirts and one hoodie awaits in this collection. For those who want to shout out their love for Cat Quest loud and clear, the graphic tees and hoodie featuring large prints on the back will do just that! Want to wear your brave heart on your sleeves? With Cat and Dog striking heroic poses, these tees and hoodie are for you.

However, if you simply love how cute Cat and Dog look and want to go for something more understated, the portrait tees are here for you! We literally squealed when we received the samples for the portrait tees, because they are just way too loveable! In warm yellow for Cat, and cream for Dog, the Cat Quest Portrait Tees are super easy to style. All apparels are also unisex!

Home accessories

Nothing beats lounging at home and playing a co-op game of Cat Quest with a partner. Nothing except adding some Cat Quest home accessories to the game sesh! Our first reversible plush featuring Cat on one side, and Dog on the other, is a perfect little companion for the couch! A simple zipper allows you to switch between the two faces faster than you can say “Hotto Doggo”.

Next, when the questing gets your thirsting, stay in character and take a sippy from the Cat and Dog Cuppy set! Made of ceramics, these cups are great for a cold drink to freshen up, or a hot cuppa cocoa to get you feeling all warm and fuzzy. Look at their little mugs printed on these little mugs. Don’t they brighten the day up instantly?

Finally, some stationeries for the hardworking Cat Quester! A Royal Advisor like Kirry must have to take a lot of notes, so what’s more helpful than a notebook? This Kirry notebook and sticker set gives you plenty of room to journal your daily adventures, or keep those thoughts organised to help you win in real life! It comes with 3 sets of Cat Quest stickers for you to cat-ify (or dog-ify) your notes.

Tech Accessories

As you might have already known, Cat Quest is available on Steam, Switch and iOS. For that, we’ve designed some little accessories suited for each platform so that you bring a little bit of the game to your real life. For the PC gamers, we love this Kingsblade wrist rest for how interesting it looks and its practical use, and it requires no warring and cat fights to attain. Perhaps you can even sword-fight with it! We haven’t tried that, if you ever decided to give that a go, remember to tag us on Instagram and tell us who won!

People who prefer to play on Switch, we got you ‘covered’ as well. The adorable Nintendo Switch Skin lets you give your device a face-lift, Cat Quest style! This skin set covers your Switch dock, controllers and your console with Cat, Dog, and Kirry, set against their respective emblems as background. Forge ahead, catventurer!


Last but not least, a Cat or Dog iPhone case for daily use! These brightly colored cases come in 3 different sizes so playing Cat Quest II on Apple Arcade just got a little sweeter. We think that this iPhone case makes an awesome gift even for friends who don’t play Cat Quest. That kitty and that doggy will make anyone go “aww…” for sure!

Vinyl Figurine

Of course, you can expect a vinyl figurine (or two!) from us. For this collaboration, we created a 6” Cat and a 6” Dog vinyl figurine! They are packed in the super cute cat-shaped chests from the game itself, so now you can finally know how it feels to literally open one of those chests... and you don’t even have to beat Wyverns to get to it! All geared up and ready for action, this courageous duo really comes to life with this vinyl figurine! They are sold separately so pick your favorite, or go co-op all the way!

The Cat Quest Lifestyle Collection is now available right here! Remember to tag us and show us how you Cat Quest in real life with these pawsome meow-chandise!