4 JAN 2022

Camden Maid: Close-up With The New Collectible, Based On The Iconic Graffiti Artwork



Brandalised returns this weekend with Camden Maid, helpfully sweeping away all secrets and problems into the wall for all to never find again. Keeping everything neat and tidy, Camden Maid is the go-to and the most trusted when it comes to hiding secrets.

Camden Maid by Brandalised

Based on the iconic graffiti artwork, Camden Maid by Brandalised is brought to life with an incredibly detailed sculpt. Honoring the graffiti nature of the original artwork, Camden Maid features the stencil-like paintwork you’ve come to love with our Brandalised collaborations. Colored details such as her skin and red brick wall were also recreated for this one-of-a-kind collectible.

Take a closer look at Camden Maid before she drops this Saturday, 8 January!

Camden Maid by Brandalised Camden Maid by Brandalised Camden Maid by Brandalised 

Graffiti art fans, start your year with the phenomenal Camden Maid by Brandalised, your chance to own the iconic artwork as a premium collectible comes this weekend. She’ll sweep all your troubles and secrets away and you’ll get a fresh start for the new year!

Displayed alone or with your other Brandalised collectibles like Graffiti Crime, Camden Maid is an unmissable piece for your collection. Available to order on 8 January, 9 am ET for 24 hours only on mightyjaxx.com, be sure to set your reminders here so you don’t miss out.

Camden Maid by Brandalised Release Banner

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