4 APR 2018

Bombs Away! Jason Freeny and Bombs



Joining the fray this week is Friendly Fire Quacker, a familiar face (or lack thereof) to the Friendly Fire series that stands tall on his own two feet. This newest addition takes his rightful place among the ranks of Jason Freeny’s imaginative work, which consistently tickles our funny bones while reacting to pop-culture. Amongst his countless creations, we found one common subject matter (other than Jason Freeny's iconic dissection) that keeps popping up – you guessed it, BOMBS! So, let’s take a walk down memory lane and revisit all three of the bombs that we have released this year.

Just this February, you saw first-hand the Skull Bomb (Warthog Shark), complete with its killer grin and drop-dead gorgeous curves. We were so thrilled to add this bad boy to our ever-expanding collection of Skull Bombs since the very first one, Skull Bomb OG (as shown below), that we made in 2014. This is one timeless work that sparked so much creativity in us, look just how far Skull Bomb has come!

More recently, we presented the Smart Bomb, a no-brainer for the serious collector. Painstakingly made as a cure for stupidity, the Smart Bomb’s origins are strictly confidential and for your eyes only. This marks the first Smart Bomb that we have created in collaboration with Jason Freeny, bringing this all-time-favorite piece of art to your homes! We heard news that there are more to come so stay tuned!

Why bombs, you ask. Well, where else do you see so much power packed into the tiniest of packages? Nice to touch but nasty to handle, these bombs add a playful twist to the tried-and-tested weapon. From vintage cartoons to the latest action movies, bombs constantly remind us of how fragile our bodies are yet how powerful our minds can be. And that's why we can't get enough of these dangerous darlings!

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Friendly Fire Quacker releases this Saturday, 7th April (6th April for VIP), 10am NYC, 10pm SGP, 2pm LDN on www.mightyjaxx.com.