25 NOV 2019

Mighty Jaxx Black Friday 2019 FAQ



We know you want to win that incredible one-of-a-kind A Wood Awakening (Black Friday Edition) by Juce Gace! We've compiled below a list of FAQs for your reference to help you out as you make your purchases and get those exclusive gifts!

What time does Black Friday start on Mighty Jaxx?

The Black Friday deals kick start at 9am ET / 10pm SGT / 2pm LDN on 29 November 2019. It's the same time our Black Friday drop - A Wood Awakening (Classic Edition) becomes available! 

Is free shipping applicable all weekend long?

Enjoy free shipping on our entire webstore from 9am ET on 29 November until 11:59pm ET on 2 Dec 2019!

Can I get the exclusive 3" A Wood Awakening (Black Friday Edition) Keychain more than once? 

Yes you can! But note that every order of $250 and more entitles you to only ONE keychain. Want more? You got to make more than one order of at least $250.

This deal is only applicable for orders made between 9am ET on 29 Nov to 9pm ET 1 Dec 2019. Orders made after 11:59pm ET on 1 Dec 2019 will not receive the exclusive gift.

If I spend $500 in a single order does that give me 2 entries into the draw for the 10" A Wood Awakening (Black Friday Edition)?

Nope! Just like the exclusive keychain, every order of $250 and more entitles you to ONE entry into the draw. If you wish to increase your chances, you'll have to make MULTIPLE orders of at least $250.

Orders must be made between 9am ET on 29 Nov and 11:59pm on 1 Dec to be eligible for the draw.

When does the Cyber Monday deal start?

12 midnight on 2 Dec 2019! It will end on 11:59pm on 2 Dec 2019.

Can I receive more than 1 random XXRAY if I spend $300?

Every order of $150 or more entitles you to only ONE random 4" XXRAY figure. If you want more, you have to make multiple orders of at least $150

Can I choose my free 4" XXRAY?

No you won't be able to. It's random!

Help! My gifts weren't added to my cart!

Clear your cookies and cache of your browser, refresh the page, and try again. If your gift still isn't being added to your cart, fret not! Please complete your purchase and drop us a line with your Order Number.

Send your email over to help@mightyjaxx.com with the subject line: 
"BFCM2019: My Exclusive Gift Was Not Added To My Order" and we will get back to you! We'll make sure you get your exclusive gift as long as your order is eligible!

Why can't I checkout with Sesame Street products?

Due to licensing agreements, we are only able to ship Sesame Street products to the following locations: 

Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Phillipines, Indonesia

If you don't reside in these locations, you'll have to remove the Sesame Street items from your cart to complete your purchase. This geographical lock is only applicable for Sesame Street products.

Everything else can be bought by anyone anywhere! Hooray!

When will I get my exclusive 3" A Wood Awakening (Black Friday Edition) Keychain?

The exclusive gift will be shipped at a later date once production is complete. We will update you on an estimated delivery date via a separate email after BFCM2019. Do make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter to get the email!

Have any questions? Feel free to email us at help@mightyjaxx.com or DM us over at Instagram and we'll be happy to help!

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Happy shopping!