13 NOV 2019




What’s the shopping event of the year? You guessed it, Black Friday! Why risk your lives for cheap TVs and home speakers when you can sit in the comfort of your homes, flip open your laptops, and shop for some really cool designer toys right here on Mighty Jaxx!

If you have been eyeing that limited edition toy and just wanted a little extra something to go along with it, now is THE time. Eyeing that Sideways (Sunrise Edition) by Yoskay Yamamoto? Or maybe Skull House by Neomlei? Not forgetting the Black Friday drop itself *wink*wink* Now’s the time to get these awesome pieces you’ve been trying hard to save for!  

Skip the search on Black Friday, add all your items to your shopping cart NOW for a breezy checkout. Let’s go through the special deals you don’t want to overlook!

Yes, yes, we know most of our stuff already have free shipping. Most, not all though. Generally, if it does not say "Free Shipping Worldwide" in the description box on the product page, it probably isn't usually free. Fun pieces in the POPIKI Lifestyle Collection to the widely adored Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles: Sesame Street; all now have free shipping too! 

With this Black Friday deal, no more rude shocks when you add a pair of socks to your cart and see that shipping costs more than the product itself! This awesome deal will really make a HUGE impact on your purchase.

Free shipping storewide applies from Friday 29 Nov, 9am ET to Monday 2 Dec, 11:59pm ET

Who doesn't love a free gift? With every order above $250, you get a special edition 3" A Wood Awakening (Black Friday Edition) keychain for FREE. These are exclusive to Black Friday 2019, so you won't be able to buy them off anywhere!

Free gift with $250 spend applies from Friday 29 Nov, 9am ET to Sunday 1 Dec, 11:59pm ET. Free gift will be automatically added to your order and sent at a later date.

What wood you do in the event of a sell out?! Best set your reminders!

This Black Friday we’ll be dropping A Wood Awakening (Classic Edition) by Juce Gace, the piece made its debut at BTS 2019 a couple of months ago will be available in limited quantities for purchase online! 

The third colourway of the every popular and ever cheeky A Wood Awakening, the piece will be available in stock and ready to ship! Perhaps he is now one colourway closer to being a real(er) boy!

A Wood Awakening (Classic Edition) by Juce Gace drops Friday 29 Nov, 9am ET. Available in-stock and ready-to-ship. While stocks last.

Over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, spend $250 in a single order and be entered for a draw to win a special one of a kind A Wood Awakening (Black Friday Edition)! 

The A Wood Awakening (Black Friday Edition) is a special all black piece, the only one of its kind with an edition size of only… ONE! Whoever wins this exclusive piece will be the only one in the whole wide world that owns it. You have up till Cyber Monday to enter, so don't sit on it!

How’s that for a Black Friday special? ;)

Purchases of at least $250 made from Friday 29 Nov, 9am ET to Sunday 1 Dec, 11:59pm ET are automatically entered into the draw

Of course we didn’t forget to include a Cyber Monday deal! 

On Cyber Monday only, every spend of $150 in a single order gets you a FREE RANDOM 4” XXRAY figure! Stand to get iconic pop culture characters (including previously sold out favourites!) in the special XXRAY dissected form, there’s nothing quite like the XXRAY series ;) 

Free random XXRAY deal is applicable ONLY on Cyber Monday (Monday, 2 Dec 2018, 12am-11:59pm ET). Free XXRAY are while stocks last, item will be automatically added to your order. 

Mighty Jaxx Black Friday deals start on 29 November 2019 at 9am ET, refer to the details in red above for specific deal times. 

Be sure you’re subscribed to the Mighty Jaxx newsletter to be kept up to date on drops and deals! Don’t forget to add your planned purchases to your shopping cart now for a faster checkout on Black Friday weekend!

A Wood Awakening (Classic Edition) by Juce Gace will be available on 29 November 2019 at 9am ET. 
10” Vinyl Art Toy | US$149 with Free Shipping Worldwide | In-Stock & Ready-To-Ship

Questions? We've a handy FAQ page for our Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals. Give it a look-see HERE!