20 JUN 2018

Between Dimensions with Boo Bear



BOO! Caught you making a wish!

This week, we are re-entering the dream-like world created by Andrea Kang with the release of the new Boo Bear (Pink). As the third colourway of this toy, this pink bear adds a different dimension to the collection. White Boo Bear OG is more "ghostly" as how we "know" ghosts to be, in its minimalist white body with black accents. Boo Bear Silver has a slightly futuristic flair. The candy-coloured Boo Bear (Pink) flaunts a more fun and sweeter side of Boo Bear while retaining the same contemplative and mysterious expression that is signature of Andrea Kang's art. 

Boo Bear (pink) by Andrea Kang Product Shot

So who is Boo Bear? According to Andrea herself...

"A wandering ghost, Boo Bear is a creature of magic and a keeper of lost wishes. He disguises himself well and travels discreetly from one dimension to another in hopes of returning these wishes to their rightful owners. If you happen to be one of them, try and spot him when the clock strikes 11:11.

P.S. Don't say I didn't warn you, I heard he's quite elusive."

boo bear pink by andrea kang product image

This whimsical portrayal of a being from an alternate dimension is but one of the many dreamy world-scapes created by the artist, who is even better known for her illustration works. In her own words from an interview with PIQ, her images tell "the story of being lost in a world farther away and dreamier than ours that’s filled with lots of curious creatures and characters that are trying to figure out their own realities." 

Exploring her works, from the early paper cut works to paintings to toys, makes us feel a tingle in our hearts that cannot be explained with words. Cute but not overtly so, these charming characters, be it creatures or human, draw us in with a curious gaze. 

Here are some of our favourite works by the artist!

Bucket Town Twins – Image belongs to Andrea Kang

Tigerman The Wishmaker – Image belongs to Andrea Kang

As for this Boo Bear that we have created in collaboration with Andrea, we are so happy to see this wonderful creature come to live in the form of a vinyl art figure, and to have a role to play in its conception! On top of that, it's a fun feast for the eyes to see her signed pieces with adorable little doodles that were sold on her own online shop. We really like it when an artist puts in a little extra special something for collectors and fans! I mean, just look at them!!

Andrea Kang Boo Bear Custom signed pieces

Featuring a hot pink mask and a pastel pink body, with teal eyes and boots, this week's Boo Bear (Pink) is bound to steal hearts and fulfil wishes. As an in stock item, this piece is scheduled to ship in July 2018 and only 85 pieces of this lovely number are up for grabs! Boo Bear (Pink) releases Saturday 23 June 2018, 10am EDT. Mark the date, set the alarm and we'll see you in dream land at www.mightyjaxx.com!

boo bear pink by andrea kang product image


We are happy to be giving out one piece of Boo Bear (Pink) by Andrea Kang to one lucky winner participating in our Scratch and Win! simply click on the little "Win a Free Boo Bear" widget at the bottom of the page to join in the fun!

May your wishes come true!