9 MAR 2023

Behind The Kitsune Mask: The Significance of the Japanese Fox Mask



Back in striking red, a hallmark and staple of Jor Ros’ work, the Kitsune Mask (Asagiri Edition) marks the third colorway to continue the artist’s fascination with Japanese fox masks.

But what significance lies behind the masks, and why is it almost difficult to break a stare after the first glance? Let’s uncover the history behind these magnificent masks.

History and Significance of Japanese Fox Masks

Japanese fox masks have a rich history that dates back to ancient times. These masks are often associated with the Kitsune, a fox spirit that is deeply ingrained in Japanese folklore and mythology. In traditional Japanese performing arts such as Noh, Kyogen, and Kabuki, fox masks are used to depict the Kitsune, who is known for its shapeshifting abilities, intelligence, and mischievous nature.

The fox mask has different types and each type of mask is associated with a different personality of Kitsune. The Noh masks are usually small and are created with intricate details to depict different emotions and expressions. The Kyogen masks are larger and often have a comical appearance, while the Kabuki masks are highly decorative and can be quite ornate.

In addition to their use in performing arts, Japanese fox masks are also used in religious ceremonies and festivals. They are believed to have protective powers and are often placed at the entrances of homes to ward off evil spirits.

Modern Adaptations of Japanese Fox Masks

While Japanese fox masks have a long history, they have also been adapted for modern use. Today, these masks are popular among enthusiasts who appreciate their beauty and cultural significance. One modern adaptation of Japanese fox masks is their use in fashion. Japanese fashion designers often incorporate elements of traditional Japanese culture, including fox masks, into their designs.

Japanese fox masks are also used in cosplay, a popular subculture that involves dressing up as characters from movies, anime, and video games. Cosplayers often create their own Japanese fox masks to wear as part of their costumes.

Finally, Japanese fox masks are also used in contemporary art. Many artists create their own unique versions of the masks, using a variety of materials and techniques. These masks are often used in installations and exhibitions, where they serve as a symbol of Japanese culture and tradition.

The history is undeniable, and the charm is unmistakable. Join Jor Ros’ fascination for Japanese fox masks and lay your hands on his latest work of Kitsune Mask (Asagiri Edition).

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