6 OCT 2021

Azuma Makoto And The Art Of Floral Arrangements



This week we’re welcoming into the Mighty Jaxx family, floral artist, Azuma Makoto. Known for his breathtakingly beautiful and daring floral arrangements his works have been brought to space, the depths of the ocean, graced the cover of British Vogue with Rihanna, and made show-stopping appearances on fashion runways.

Rihanna Cover, British Vogue
Rihanna on the cover of British Vogue, floral headpiece by Azuma Makoto. 
[Image by Nick Knight via Vogue]

The owner of the haute-couture floral shop, “JARDINS des FLEURS” in Tokyo, Makoto began actively working as a flower artist in 2005. He pursues the unknown possibility of flowers’ expression and expresses their beauty from his distinctive point of view.

Floral arrangements and collectibles come together in Flower And Man (Winter Edition) by Azuma Makoto. Adapted from one of Makoto’s eye-grabbing Instagram posts, we’ve brought to life Flower And Man (Winter Edition) as a polystone statue.

Azuma Makoto Original Work

Each flower within the figure’s flower sphere is cast out of polystone. The layers of the sphere are achieved through a double casting method where each flower and base is cast within. 

Flower And Man (Winter Edition) explores man and floral kind’s relationship in winter, with winter blooms filling up the flower sphere that is his head. Each flower has been specially selected by taking into consideration its blooming season. The 6 flowers featured in Flower And Man (Winter Edition) have blooms in the winter months.

Flower And Man (Winter Edition) by Azuma Makoto

Adorning the floral arrangement within the flower sphere, you’ll find these 6 flowers: camellia, Christmas rose, English primrose, pansies, ornamental cabbage and kale, and crocus.

Did you know each flower holds a special significance? Here’s what each flower signifies;

Camellia Flower
Camellia flowers symbolize love, affection, and admiration.

Christmas Rose
Steeped in history, tradition, and folklore, the Christmas rose represents purity.

Primroses symbolize optimism, youth, and longevity.

Pansies are used to symbolize loving feelings, free-thinking, and consideration.

 Ornamental Cabbage and Kale
While signifying abundance, ornamental cabbages and kale also add a burst of color to any floral arrangement.

Crocus flowers have a rich symbolism of rebirth.

If you love flower art you will love Flower And Man (Winter Edition) by Azuma Makoto. We’ve made sure to use different colors of each flower to add variation to the arrangement and give it the colorful look floral arrangements are known for. 

Flower And Man (Winter Edition) by Azuma Makoto is a premium polystone collectible that marries the worlds of collectibles with floral art. This amazing piece, limited edition of 500 only, will be available from 9 Oct, 9 am ET.

Flower And Man (Winter Edition) by Azuma Makoto Release Banner

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Flower and Man (Winter Edition)

Azuma Makoto

Flower and Man (Winter Edition)

299.0 USD