22 FEB 2021

AUTHORS: Jeff Staple by Danil Yad



Like a coveted piece of art, people will be talking about (and breaking their banks for) this pair of sneakers for a long time to come. So this coming week, we are gonna create more art to celebrate the creative mind that is Jeff Staple with a fresh new collab with one of our most hyped up-and-coming artist, Danil Yad. Now before you get too excited, let's take a look at some of our past collabs with Jeff Staple!


In 2017, we presented the Staple x James Jean Washizu to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Staple Design. Inspired by Akira Kurosawa's Throne of Blood, Staple x James Jean Washizu combines the ethereal beauty of James Jean's illustration and the iconic Pigeon in one beautiful sculpture.


This limited edition art collectible comes in two colorways, the original patina blue and gold, as well as an ivory colorway which released in 2018. Both are now sold out. With an office full of streetwear fanatics and collectors of James Jean prints, having the chance to play a part in this production was a dream come true.


Also in 2017, we released a more colorful, grinning pigeon. In collaboration with Ron English, a familiar name in the world of art collectibles, we presented Staple x Ron English: Grin. This multi-colored pigeon featuring Ron English's signature skeletal grin brings an edgy yet humorous touch to the pigeon design that we are used to seeing.


And then in 2020, we dropped the Mono edition as a nod to the iconic New York pigeon. With its monochromatic body and red feet, the Mono colorway pretty closely representing what you see on the Nike Dunk SB Low Staple NYC Pigeon by Jeff Staple!

This coming week, we are super excited to present Jeff Staple by Danil Yad in the AUTHORS series! For now, we are just going to give a sneaker sneak-peek of this kick ass new collectible. Be sure to follow us closely on social media to get first dibs on the upcoming release. And while you fidget in excitement, don't forget to share the news with all the hypebeasts and hypebaes around you, because you will only get 24 hours to get it, and never again!

No need to queue, no need to camp, but just 24 hours and never again. That's right, we're so stoked to be dropping Jeff Staple by Danil Yad this weekend in a time-limited release. One of the most promising, up-and-coming artists that we started to work with in 2020, Danil Yad's designs have already made waves in the world of art and collectibles. This time, in collaboration with fashion and design extraordinaire Jeff Staple, we're definitely expecting a lot of hype! Let's take a closer look!

The sculpt for Jeff Staple by Danil Yad features the signature serene expression that Danil Yad's characters are known for. Geometric planes and clean contours capture the likeness of Jeff Staple in a timeless, minimal style. From his beanie to his jacket to his sneakers, there is not a tad of unnecessary detail that might break the sleek design. Less is more, and we love how Danil Yad's confidence and mastery of form is displayed through his art.

The overall color scheme of the figure is a cool monochrome. Decked out in understated greys and blacks, the design is simple yet stylish, befitting of a style icon. A small color palette with minimal patterns and distractions best complements the geometric style, truly allowing the art figure's beautiful, refined form to shine. We also love the warm red hue on the soles of the sneakers, which stands out from the cool greys, adding a pop of color to the design. 

What's also super cool about Jeff Staple by Danil Yad is - you got it - the pigeon. Being the first animal that we see in the AUTHORS series, the iconic New York pigeon gets the same artistic treatment. Its rotund form is balanced with clean, sharp contours, which makes it adorable but not overly so. The chubby bird fits snuggly in the Jeff Staple figurine's hands, and is removable. It's exciting to see yet another artist take his own spin on the famous Staple Pigeon.

Wanna see Jeff Staple, the man himself, unbox... himself? You're in for a treat. We had sent a sample of this figure to Jeff Staple earlier on, and here's a video of him unboxing it!

Whether you're a sneaker-head, fashion junky, or toy aficionado, Jeff Staple by Danil Yad is a must-have for your collection. This vinyl piece is 8" tall, and is powered by Forreal to ensure 100% authenticity and allows you to register your ownership of this toy through the Mighty Jaxx app. Remember, any toy that claims to be from the Danil Yad AUTHORS series but cannot be authenticated, may be of questionable origins.

Staple pigeon panda

What's more, every order of Jeff Staple by Danil Yad gives you a chance to win a pair of coveted Staple x Nike SB Dunk Pigeon Pandas*One lucky winner will be randomly picked & identified by order number after sale ends. Announcement to follow on Monday, 1st March 2021 8am EST/ 9pm SGT on MJ Instagram, so be sure to stay tuned!

*T&Cs apply.

Jeff Staple by Danil Yad will only be available on www.mightyjaxx.com for 24 hours, starting Saturday, 27 Feb, 9am EST. Edition size is limited to the number sold within this time frame, and will never be reproduced again. So if you want to be sure to cop this, we recommend that you set a reminder on your preferred calendar here, or download the Mighty Jaxx app on the Apple Store or Google Play Store to receive a notification during its launch.