8 OCT 2020

Artist Interview: Sentrock



Bird City Saints makes its return this week for an exclusive 48 hours only release! In anticipation of the drop, we sat down with Sentrock to discuss his art and inspirations.

Sentrock's early works were developed from graffiti writing in Mexican-American neighborhood murals. Sentrock is currently developing a visual narrative with his signature bird-masked character and creating public works all across the United States.


The aesthetic of Bird City Saints changed as Sentrock painted more murals. Wanting to make sure his art brought across the message he wanted, for example, adding a crack to the beak to show that Bird City Saints has "been through some things" and likening it to a battle scar.

Why the red mask? Sentrock says that growing up he had never seen a red bird and when he saw a cardinal, it was the one of the most beautiful birds he has ever seen. In the same way the cardinal caught his eye, he wanted his works to have the same effect - to catch people's attention and to resonate with it.

Created as an ode to where he grew up, learn more about the creation of Bird City Saints and the message behind it in our exclusive artist interview here:

On 10 October, Bird City Saints returns to Mighty Jaxx in a brand new colourway. Paying homeage to the city Sentrock is based in, the new Bird City Saints comes decked in the outfit of a popular Chicago sports team.

Bird City Saints wears a mask as a symbol for freedom and liberation. A reflection of the youth growing up in the hoods of America, Bird City Saints strives to add positivity to a society shackled by their circumstances. Inspiring them to strive for more and to reach higher. 

Available for 48 hours only. $149 with free shipping worldwide.