20 MAY 2020

Artist Interview: Rob Bowyer



Together with Rob Bowyer, we recently released our first ever incense chamber - the Samurai (Hell Chamber). Based on Rob's artwork "It gets better", this one-of-a-kind piece brings art and function together for a truly ethereal realisation of the artwork.

Samurai (Hell Chamber) might be sold out now, but let's learn a little more about Rob Bowyer. We had the opportunity to speak to Rob and we learnt about his inspirations, favourite mediums and so much more. Check it out!

What got you interested in art?

I’ve always loved drawing and it was the only thing I was good at in school.

Who inspired your art while you were growing up?

My brother and my cousin used to show me different tricks when drawing and I remember a couple of teachers that were encouraging (and a few crap ones). I used to cut up gaming magazines and issues of 2000AD because it was hard to find cool art growing up pre-internet. Definitely games and 90s Manga.

What sort of mediums do you enjoy working on?

I love doing pen and ink drawings but I’ve shifted to digital because it’s so much easier to correct mistakes and better realise what I have in mind.

How would you describe your art style?

Macabre illustration.

Where do you hope for your artistic journey to move on to next?

Right now I’m really lucky that people want to hire me and purchase my art especially while so many people are struggling. I would like to develop my characters and flesh out a narrative that could eventually go into a book. I’d also like to experiment with 3D and very basic game design.

Tell us a little about Samurai (Hell Chamber), what inspired its creation?

Most of my characters are in a sort of limbo and wander a deserted wasteland looking for purpose and connection. I wanted to imagine a character who was older and had come to terms with their demise and offered some solace in a weird, oppressive environment.

Let us know...

Favourite food?

My wife’s lasagne.

Favourite movie?

It changes regularly, right now Wristcutters: A Love Story

Favourite music album?

Nirvana, unplugged in New York

The piece you're most proud of?

After a while I start to hate my older work, I really like a recent piece called “Not People” because I used colours that I don’t normally use.


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