18 APR 2019

Artist Interview: PAYNK



What do most people think about when they hear Easter? Bunnies and eggs! This week, in our first collaboration with Singapore based illustrator PAYNK, drops Eastern Egg! Combining bunnies and eggs, this adorable piece is not only egg-cellent, but also perfect for an Easter drop. We had the pleasure to sit down with PAYNK for a special interview.

Hello PAYNK! Thank you for doing this interview, tell us about yourself and your artistic journey so far!

Thank you for having me! My real name is Sharon Yang and the moniker PAYNK (pronounced as "pink") came about when I was about 15 and pink was (and still is) my favourite colour. I grew up drawing lots of Chinese-themed characters, and also anime characters such as Sailormoon! I like to think that some remanence of the things I drew when I was a kid are still reflected in the illustrations I draw today. 

Where do you hope for your artistic journey to move on to next?

I would like to experiment with more mediums, larger formats, more detailed illustrations, and of course toys! When I was younger, my dream was to make fake plastic food for Japanese restaurants. I remember sculpting tiny sushi and ramen out of blu-tac when I was a kid and lining them on top of the fridge.

Aside from blu-tac, what mediums do you work with, any favourites?

I have been working a lot on my iPad Pro recently but I really enjoy traditional mediums like watercolour and charcoal, for that tactile and less-predictable behaviours. It's fun to be out of control sometimes...

Growing up, who did you look up to that inspired your art most?

I really love the work of Egon Schiele, and have always been inspired by his line-work. The colours used in Wayne Thiebaud's paintings also kept me fascinated for the longest time.  

It definitely comes through how their works have inspired you, and I love that it manages to still be distinctively yours. How would you describe your art style?

Feminine... Fantasy... with some sort of visual metaphor or wordplay.

What was the inspiration behind the adorable Eastern Egg?

I've always loved Chawanmushi, not just the taste but also how it looks! There's something very fascinating about having so many colours and ingredients and fun unite in one little cup! I would say it's one of my favourite ways to eat eggs. So I thought, in the spirit of throwing everything fun together like a cup of Chawanmushi, why not mix it up with some Easter elements like the pastel colours and Easter bunny to make it even more interesting?

We really love the concept of the piece and we can't get over how cute the bunny is! Conversely, what was the wildest thing you have illustrated?

I guess it was this illustration of a girl in a pornographic pose meeting her past self. It was for a friend's online zine. The illustration doesn't look too wild but the pictures and poses that I had to study to create this illustration was... hmmm...

Last Spring by PAYNK

Before we go, anything you want our readers to know?

Eastern Egg also exists as an illustration!  

Thank you PAYNK, it's been a pleasure!

Thank you! Eat more Chawanmushi!!

Eastern Egg by PAYNK
drops Saturday at 9am ET!

 One of two Easter themed drops this week, you won't want to miss out on this charming piece!

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Eastern Egg by PAYNK


Eastern Egg by PAYNK

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