17 NOV 2021

Artist Interview: Henn Kim



Booby Trap Illustration

A new artist joins the Mighty Jaxx roster this week, it’s none other than Henn Kim!

Be prepared to travel into the monochromatic “dark, twisted, beautiful, fantasy” world of Henn Kim. Known for her black and white illustrations that reflect on the emotions that affect us all, her works convey complex emotions from heartbreak to fantasy to sorrow, in ways where words fail. Her illustrations have clearly struck a chord with many, garnering her a massive following on social media.

On 20th November, her illustration of Booby Trap comes to life for the first time as a premium art collectible. We had the pleasure of interviewing Henn Kim, join us below as she shares about her art and the collectible releasing this weekend.

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Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with us! First off, could you tell us a little more about your background?

I am Henn Kim, an artist who creates in black and white. I was born in Ulsan, and came to Seoul at the age of 20, and have been working and living here ever since.

Booby Trap Feature Image 1 Booby Trap Feature Image 2

When did you start drawing and why?

I started drawing from a very young age. My mother was always very interested in art, and she passed that interest along to me. While preparing for art school, I was taught to draw by using sculptures as a reference. There was a disconnect between what I was seeing and what I was drawing – from both an artistic and personal standpoint – so instead of drawing the statue, I began drawing and writing down scenes and texts that came to mind instead. And here I am now.

We see that all your illustrations are in black and white, is there a reason why you avoid color?

I struggled with severe depression while I was a student, and I learned how to heal myself by scribbling in notebooks with a single black pen. This birthed the style that others know “Henn Kim” as. I fished out everything within my head, wrote short pieces, and throughout this process, came upon the illustrations that I would create.

Henn Kim Illustrations Henn Kim Illustrations

I love all colors. In fact, I especially have some bias toward purple and yellow. However, black and white are still definitely colors as well. We all immediately think of the same shades, the same colors, when we hear “black” or “white”. Their meeting is cynical, contradictory, a contrast, and intense: I can always express exactly what I want.

We are very excited about our first collaboration with you! How do you feel about making a collectible toy?

I was so amazed and excited to see the 2D characters I drew become 3D. Thank you Mighty Jaxx for making my visions come to life!

Booby Trap by Henn Kim

Could you tell us a little more about Booby Trap, what inspired you to create this piece?

I enjoy paradoxes, analogies, and literary expressions. When you get too nervous and your heart beats quickly; when you achieve something you want or when you meet someone you love; you use the expression that your “heart is about to explode”.

You’ve amassed a massive following all over the world. Knowing that so many people resonate with your work, has this changed the way you approach your art?

In the beginning, when I first posted my drawings on social media, I was very fascinated by the responses. Now, however, I don't look at the responses and I'm not conscious of numbers or stats. Even if I come up with an illustration or an idea that others will like, if I don't like it, I simply will not publish the illustration or proceed with the idea. I am drawing for my own healing, and it can only be called mine when I am satisfied.

Booby Trap by Henn Kim

Finally, if you were to give your fans a single piece of advice, what would it be?

I am not a person who has had great experiences or left great achievements. I only have the authority to give advice to myself. LOL. 

However, what I want to say to those who have just grabbed a pen or a brush, and to those who have not yet found their world, is to keep going – and do not stand still for change. Roads are never created by themselves. You have to pave them for yourself. You can create your own world and invite others into it, but only when you focus on what you really like and want to do.

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Booby Trap is crafted from premium polystone and finished in Henn Kim’s unmistakable monochromatic style. Available from 20 Nov, 9 am ET, be among the few to own this iconic illustration as an art collectible.

Curious about how a 2D illustration is brought to life in 3D? Check this out.

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To celebrate our first release with Henn Kim, we’re giving you double Mighty Coins for all purchases of Booby Trap by Henn Kim in the first 24 hours of launch!

8” Polystone Collectible // $199 with free shipping worldwide

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Booby Trap by Henn Kim

Henn Kim

Booby Trap by Henn Kim

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