8 SEP 2023

An Inside Look into BirdKing’s Dark Wraith Edition



The fallen king parties up with a teenage arcane blacksmith to uncover the secrets of their world and escape the grip of a looming dark necromancer. This is the story of BirdKing, an incredible character drawn by the talented artist CROM. 

Size: 10"
Material: Vinyl
Limited Edition Size of 300

Following the original BirdKing by CROM launch, we’re introducing a second variant—the dark wraith edition. The figurine features all the key details from the original, from the vintage blister packaging to the comic-accurate characteristics, with one twist; the BirdKing dons a new black-and-gold look worthy of royalty. 

Learn the Lore

As of today, the BIRDKING graphic novel spans two volumes and is published by Dark Horse Comics. Written by Daniel Freedman, each panel features the stunning work of artist CROM. From character designs to action sequences, everything is superbly done. 

Follow the story of an arcane blacksmith apprentice on her search for the fabled lands of Atlas. Joining forces with the mysterious BirdKing, they discover the hidden line connecting their fates together. 

Unmasking the Character Design

The BirdKing is a prominent figure, standing upright with broad shoulders. As an undead, his skull is encased in a swirl of blue flames. Across his body, arrows pierce through his armor but remains unfazed, stoic as ever. He wields a large broad sword in his hands, stabbed into the ground with purpose. 

At his heart, lies a bright red gem, shining bright for all to see. Yet, it is this very jewel that holds the key to the secrets of this mysterious figure’s origins. Birds flock around him, just as his namesake indicates—he’s the BirdKing!

The King’s New Clothes

While his original features a bluish-gray suit of armor, this special Dark Wraith edition portrays the royal figure in a new light! The colors have a stronger contrast and the two colors, black and gold, are powerful, luxurious, and awe-inducing. 

Ready for the return of the BirdKing? Pre-orders open on 9 Sep! Set your reminders today—there will only be 300 pieces available. Deposit scheme is also available, pay 30% upfront and the rest when it’s ready to ship.