5 OCT 2022

The Alternate Realities of Luffy: From the Author



Luffy returns to Mighty Jaxx in a completely different style! Shedding his pirate clothes for trendy streetwear, CosmiQ x One Piece: Luffy is ready to conquer the streets of Harajuku in his signature red, white, and yellow colors.

What if the Straw Hats were regular teenagers on our planet? Our new CosmiQ series explores this idea in greater detail—the adventure into modern-day Japan starts with the captain himself, Luffy! 

Not one to be restrained, Luffy’s fashion revolves around freedom, from the looser silhouette of his outfit to his choice of lightweight jersey shorts. The eye-catcher of the piece is Luffy’s oversized hoodie—spot his iconic scar in graphic form, a reminder of what went down at Marineford in his original universe. 

One Piece mangaka, Eiichiro Oda has not shied away from alternate reality versions of Luffy—here are some of our favorites over the years! 

[SOURCE: One Piece Vol. 89, Chapter 897]

Over the years, Oda has been drawing alternate timeline 40 and 60-year-old versions of characters from the One Piece world. In Chapter 897 of the manga, he shared his Luffy sketches. The top is a future where everything goes smoothly and the bottom shares a version of Luffy where something causes him to lose motivation. What a drastic change!

[SOURCE: https://store.toei-anim.co.jp/shop/g/gEYBA-10624A/]

A short anime-only special that first aired in Episode 291, it transports Luffy and his crew into the world of 19th century Japan ("The Grand Jipangu”). It’s a short, fun standalone series based on a couple of shorts Oda wrote. In this world, Luffy is an okapikki—a secret policeman during this time. Highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t!


[SOURCE: https://twitter.com/onepiece_mag/status/1433282228859981824]

If you’re a fan of One Piece, you’d know the momentous impact Ace’s death had on Luffy at the end of The Summit War of Marineford. This event had a huge impact on our real world too—One Piece fans were completely shocked at the turn of events and couldn’t stop theorizing about how Ace could have survived.

Oda drew Special Episode "Luff", a three-chapter storyline that gives us a glimpse of what could have been if Sabo dropped in to save his brothers from Akainu. This storyline ran in the first three volumes of the official One Piece magazine and is a touching, bittersweet arc.

There’s something special about reimagining our favorite characters in different settings, timelines, and worlds! It deepens our relationship with them, allowing us to distill what makes them unique. The CosmiQ x One Piece: Luffy collectible is a homage to the character, keeping true to his beloved traits and history while giving him a fresh new look!

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