11 OCT 2021

A Star Wars Man Cave George Lucas Would Be Proud Of | FLEXX



It’s not every day we come across a collection that would make its creator proud. In the new episode of FLEXX, we meet Kenny Ong a die-hard Star Wars fan with a collection that would make George Lucas Proud.

A custom-made Boba Fett statue greets us as we enter Kenny’s home, built using PVC sintra boards and 3D printed parts, this life-size Boba Fett statue is merely a taste of what’s to come. From baby Yoda to adult Yoda, a massive light-up Millennium Falcon, and some really old-school Star Wars collectibles - everything from the original trilogies to the prequels and even the Mandalorian, all have a part in forming up this massive Star Wars collection. It will blow your mind!

Apart from being a Star Wars fanatic, Kenny spends his free time customizing vintage arcade and pinball machines, just because he can. Kenny shares with us his process of customizing these machines in the episode and it sure is a fascinating look into the world of custom collectibles.

Anatomical Darth Vader Sculpture by Jason Freeny
Anatomical Darth Vader Sculpture by Jason Freeny

Jason Freeny is widely known for his dissection treatment of our favorite characters and his clever, intricate original designs. Did you know that Jason Freeny sculpted an anatomical Darth Vader sculpture?

In 2018, Jason uploaded a series of videos onto his Instagram account detailing the process of sculpting this truly one-of-a-kind Darth Vader collectible. Featuring the dissection style he’s come to be known for, everything from guts to a skeleton was sculpted onto the figurine. But wait… Isn’t Darth Vader supposed to be more machine than man? Why yes! In this stylized reimagining of Darth Vader, Jason made sure to include a nod to that! Darth Vader’s leg was sculpted to look like a robotic part.

Enjoy this time-lapse of Jason Freeny sculpting the anatomical Darth Vader sculpture, and be sure to follow him on Instagram at @gummifetus.


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