14 DEC 2022

A New Perspective: Rainbow Dash by Ricardo Cavolo



The top flier in all of Equestria, Rainbow Dash makes a big splash at Mighty Jaxx! Her loyalty, braveness, and brashness have been interpreted by Spanish artist Ricardo Cavolo in the design of this collectible. 

Each detail has been carefully sculpted to accurately represent Rainbow Dash’s personality and characteristics while retaining the identity and freshness of Ricardo’s style—fusing perfectly to create this visual spectacle. Follow us as we expand on some of the key details and what they represent.

Two Pairs of Eyes

The attention grabber of this piece lies in Rainbow Dash’s two pairs of eyes, designed with two differing approaches. This is exactly what Ricardo Cavolo wants to achieve—he believes that eyes are the centerpiece of any story, reflecting the power and insight of each soul and giving way to the future.

The four eyes are his signature motif. He gives them to his characters as an act of love, symbolizing their ability to see more than regular people with wisdom that transcends formal education. For Rainbow Dash, it represents her amazing flying talent, with eyes that are able to keep up with all the visual input.

Yet, it also has a less literal interpretation, telling the story of a young pony who is self-conscious and constantly puts up a strong mask in front of others.

Signature Flames

Ricardo Cavalo’s other signature motif is the flames. They are the firestarters, sparking love and encouragement in those around them. This fits perfectly with Rainbow Dash’s personality—fiercely loyal and willing to sacrifice to protect and lift up those important to her. 

The vibrancy of the colors used in the fires, as well as the rest of the collectible, adds to this story. They point towards the bright character of Rainbow Dash. Though brash and mischievous, she has a soft interior that never fails to care for others. 

A Defining Moment

Throughout My Little Pony, the Sonic Rainboom is a special aerobatic maneuver done by Rainbow Dash which once existed only in legends. The first time she pulled it off successfully was during the Best Young Flyer competition. Rarity and three wonderbolts had an accident and were plummeting toward the ground.

Rainbow Dash had to break through her limitations and reach a higher speed in order to rescue them. She managed to succeed and pulled off the move in the process, dazzling the crowd and saving the group in the process.

The Sonic Rainboom also gave Rainbow Dash her iconic cutie mark—a cloud with a curved rainbow-colored lightning bolt located on her flank. It represents her love for speed and adrenaline.

This collectible pays tribute to one of the most defining characters in the My Little Pony universe. Pre-orders for this passionate figurine are now available. 

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