27 DEC 2019

A Mighty Jaxx 2019 Retrospective



It's been a Mighty 2019 if you ask us! We've had the opportunity to work with new artists, we've brought to life more and more amazing artworks - and some of your old favourites have returned in new colourways. 

And we couldn't have done any of it without you! Join us as we look back at the incredible 2019 we've had...


2019 brought 15 new artists into the Mighty Jaxx roster! From Danil YAD to Tara McPherson, PAYNK to Jor Ros; it's been truly an honour to have been able to bring to life the amazing artworks from these talented minds. 

Perhaps all you wanna do is get high by the beach but you're all out of green. Who you gona call? Robo Hammerhead! Luke Pelletier's zany piece is the go-to pal for anyone in need of a higher state of mind. He sure knows where the good stuff's at *wink*

Maybe something more intriguing piques your interest? Cop a gander at Neomlei's Skull House! Based off his illustration "How Do I Live In This House", the piece provokes, questioning how happy you truly are in your mind.


Who doesn't like something special? We've brought you fan favourite collectibles in a Mighty Jaxx exclusive colourway you cannot get anywhere else! From pieces like the XXRAY Plus Mousy Little to the 8" Kyubbi Dunny, we've worked together with great brands and artists to bring you special Mighty Jaxx only editions of these wonderful toys.

The instantly recognizable Skull Flower made it debut at SGCC 2019 in a Mighty Jaxx exclusive colourway! The regal black and purple paintwork gives the timeless piece a splendid finish like no other. Were you one of the lucky ones who got your Skull Flower signed by Tara McPherson at SGCC 2019?

Houston, we have a problem. Josh Divine's unique Astro Crash made a landing too strong to look away from and we knew we just had to have an exclusive version of this amazing piece! We've fallen face first over this piece like many of you. All systems are a no-go, but this Mighty Jaxx colourway of Astro Crash is a must cop!


You ever scroll through our website and see a limited edition collectible you wish you had gotten your hands on? While we don't do re-releases, we bring back your favourite designs in new colourways. Adding new life and flavour to them for that little something more. A yellow Maneki-Dino and even a classy rose-gold Humpek, these staples never go out of style.

We know you love these translucent gradient variants of Yoskay Yamamoto's dreamy Wish Upon Me... design. If you missed out on the Sunrise and Sunset editions, don't sleep on the new Wish Upon Me... (Midnight Edition)! When the clock strikes 12, this ethereal piece will light your way into the new dawn.

BMO returns in a special clear edition! The XXRAY Plus: BMO (Clear Edition) is dissected in Jason Freeny's unique style. See how BMO ticks, not just where he's been dissected but all around! The special clear case of the piece lets you see BMO like you've never seen him before. Pop a couple of batteries and watch him glow, the XXRAY Plus: BMO (Clear Edition) lights up your world like nobody else!

// PUT IT ON //

We've gone beyond toys in 2019 with our successful launch of our Sesame Street lifestyle capsule collection! It's been a big Sesame Street year for us, with the success of the Freeny's Hidden Dissectibles: Sesame Street blind box to the various XXRAY Plus characters, you guys sure love your Sesame Street!

So why not go (sesame) street with your style? Your favourite characters are all here in stylish apparel, from the most comfortable socks you can find, to the trendiest Sesame Street t-shirts anywhere; these fashionable pieces are a must have. If you like Cookie Monster, you should put his t-shirt on!


On top of new collaborations with new properties and artists, we have also extended new product lines to work with brand new materials and sizes. You've gotten used to 6" figures made of vinyl, how about 20" vinyl art toys? Or exquisite collectibles made out of premium wood? We brought that to you this year with our Life-Size, Supersized, and Woodworked series of toys!

Check out how incredible POPEK looks in wood?! The first in our Woodworked series of toys, why wooden you want your favourite art toys in wood? Just look how luxurious it is! As with all new product lines, we were nervous about how the reception of this piece would be like, but turned out that it sold out instantly on our site! We are truly blessed to be able to work on such well-loved pieces with  Whatshisname and to have such supportive fans.

We've got more Woodworked art toys coming in the pipeline, so stay tuned for these highly limited exclusive drops.

We've also blown up your favourite pieces into Supersized proportions! A Wood Awakening and Micro Anatomic have never looked this super. At about 21" tall, these Supersized figures are the big brother to your regular sized collectible art toys. After all, someone's gotta look out for them!

You know what they say... bigger is better! So true in fact, Nelly Furtado was compelled to release a song about this very fact in 2012! Random music trivia aside, our Life-Size series is currently home to the Life-Size XXRAY Elmo (Snow Edition)! Standing at 1.2m tall, this larger-than-life version of your favorite Sesame Street character takes art collectibles to yet another level! What other life-size figures would you like to own?


How could we not talk about our collaboration with Brandalised (aka Brandalism)? 2019 kick-started this fruitful partnership that has brought graffiti art inspired pieces into the Mighty Jaxx catalogue.

We made huge splash with the timely Kissing Coppers and brought Liberty Girl with us to Culture Cartel, always capturing the attention of audiences everywhere. Expect more releases from Brandalised x Mighty Jaxx in 2020!

It's truly been a special 2019 here at Mighty Jaxx. Being at the crossroads of so many different cultures is humbling and is an experience we truly are proud to be a part of. Looking forward to 2020, we promise more incredible releases and more opportunities to connect you with your favourite artists! 

From all of us here at Mighty Jaxx, thank you for making 2019 a mighty amazing year. We couldn't have done it without you.

We're ending 2019 with a bang! Jason Freeny's Friendly Fire returns in a camo finish, dubbed Weapon of Mouse Destruction. Having made its debut at DCON2019, now's your chance to order the newest version of this iconic fighting machine.

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