5 MAY 2023

A Brief Look at Piet Mondrian with ROBBi DREAM CITY



ROBBi receives its global debut on Mighty Jaxx with a special Piet Mondrian edition! Inspired by China's lunar rover "Yutu”, he is a combination of the Chinese goddess of the moon, Chang’e, and the robot. Each collectible is tagged with a unique number.

This edition is styled with Dutch painter Piet Mondrian’s iconic work, from his compositions to his signature, as a tribute to the great artist. It also features an iridescent coating that refracts light and shadow in a mesmerizing way. Read on to learn more about him.

The Early Influences

From an early age, Mondrian had an interest in art, enrolling in the State Academy of Fine Arts, Amsterdam, where he studied traditional academic painting techniques. However, his life changed after he was exposed to abstract painters like Picasso during his travels to Paris, where he began to experiment with his own techniques. 

He also became heavily involved in the Dutch art movement "De Stijl," which sought to create a new visual language through the use of simple geometric shapes and primary colors.

Developing His Style 

Piet Mondrian’s work simplifies form, placing an emphasis on geometric shapes, and a use of primary colors. He creates abstract compositions of black lines and colored rectangles, arranged in a grid-like structure, creating a sense of order and balance. 

He believed that this style, “Neoplasticism”, was a universal language that could express the harmony of the world and his paintings have a striking visual impact, with their bold primary colors and sharp lines commanding attention.

His Legacy

Mondrian’s work had a significant impact on modern art, directly influencing the development of art movements like abstract art, minimalism, and geometric abstraction. 

Specifically, his use of geometric forms and primary colors inspired many abstract artists, and his ideas about the harmony of the world through balance and order continue to be influential in contemporary abstract art

Celebrate this artistic legend with the new ROBBi DREAM CITY collectible. As a symbol of the spirit of exploration, innovation, and breakthrough, the character fits in perfectly with the ideals of Piet Mondrian. 

Available in two sizes, you can choose between 400% (27cm) or the exclusive 1000% (70cm), which comes with a 3D Proof of Collection.